Patch Notes: NW.122.20200614a.12

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Patch Notes for tomorrow's maintenance are now available.


  • datarider#1036
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    Hey :))
    how much time has the cocoon now before the "pop"? longer=how many seconds? :)

    Thank you!
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    It's nice to see the changes to the Blood war mechanisms. They seem more likely to actually make it feel like an eternal stalemate, with the sides alernating to win battles.

    However, the Garyx/Mog problems are not as big as they were at the start. There seems to be less camping for one, and it is at least much easier to find one to kill - I killed Garyx twice yesterday, and Mog a few times (without camping, I must add...just jumped instances right after they spawned).

    Maybe players are realizing they are not really worth killing. Sure, you need the exclusive drops for gear upgrades, but the only piece of gear that is worth refining are the boots. The rings are interesting, but in general inferior to other, existing rings, so I do not see many people using them. Anyhow, with the changes to the Blood War and reduced interest in killing Garyx and Mog in the first place, this issue should be pretty much solved.

    There are other issues, though. Please see

    The big one is that the abysmal drop rate for the maps - followed by a low drop rate for the legion weapons is not really, well, engaging or interesting. Spending several hours faming mobs, only to be rewarded with a single map (or maybe no maps at all) is not fun.

    Is it possible that there is something broken with the map drops? Several people have reported getting 2-3 maps withing minutes of switching instances....and then nothing for hours. As I said in the post I linked to, a higher drop chance for maps from "elite" or rare, named mobs, or maybe a daily quest to award one map would go a long way towards solving the issue.

    The maps in Chult were much better should have considered something similar.

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    Hoping for improvements...
  • forumnamesuxs
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    Still only one player/team gets credit for mog/gary. You guys are terrible people.
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    'Combat and Powers

    Classes and Balance

    Cleric (Any)
    Hallowed Ground: The area indicator effect now appears on the floor of the'

    Where is the rest of sentence?
  • bpstuart
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    Why did you mess with the Hellbringer again? You have yet again reshuffled my powers and don't even bother to mention it in the notes. It is like you are intentionally messing with people's combat routines, letting them build a style around a power set then taking it away.

    You know you aren't obligated to actually act like a capricious fiendish patron right? ( not aimed at Julia but what witlette decides to redo power orders every freaking module. )

    Would you stop taking away things i earned only to make me earn them again?
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  • murphystout
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    Reward Claims Agent

    Account-unlocked Legendary Mounts can once again properly be claimed. (For real this time.)

    So I log in with high hopes of finally being able to reclaim the Legendary Infernal War Machine - Account Wide I got from lock box last Tuesday soon after mod 19 launch.


    I have submitted a ticket and I have trade emails with a GM with screenshots showing the mount on my main and showing it non reclaimable. I was told it was fixed last Thursday and today you even joke about it finally being fixed and it is still broke..

    It's time for someone to make this right with me. I am multi-year VIP level 12 player and you have now pissed me off 3 times on what should have been a positive experiencing on receiving a rare mount.

    Fix this now!
  • leonatus#6568
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    My Paladin tank has kinda been doing more damage than usual since the patch.. was there any change or something
  • rerepete#2864
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    The tab tagging system (for my warlock at least) still does not work correctly. Even if I a standing still and my only other party member is too, it takes 5-10 tab taps to get a tag on them. Only to be nullified in Rage of Bel when he tosses us back.

    This tagging marking method needs rework. You also cannot heal your companion with anything other than soul reconstruction (which takes more than twice as long as pre-mod 19, and we also lost the duality of self-healing at the same time). By the time I heal the other party member (remember one other player, not a group of 5), myelf, and my companion, I have no time to actually attack anything.