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CDP Subforum Conduct and Expectations

nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,066 Community Manager
In addition to the regular Forum Rules and Code of Conduct, the CDP subforums are subject to higher standards and expectations. These subforums will be:
  • Subject to increased scrutiny to ensure that posts are constructive, reasonable, and respectful. This applies to comments directed towards either developers or forum members.
  • Posts that are not constructive, use a pervasively unproductive tone, are combative or attack individuals, and make no meaningful contribution to a discussion are subject to removal.
  • Forum members who continuously disregard the standards and expectations will be subject to forum moderation including removal from individual subforums and up to the forums in general.

In addition to the expanded conduct points noted above, contributors to these subforums should be aware of the following:
  • We will not disclose information regarding unreleased or in-development content. This includes specific business-related metrics, dates or timelines, or licensing agreements.
  • Game development is the primary focus of the team - developer presence on these subforums cannot realistically be as frequent as the community would like. This does not mean the team is not invested in this initiative; it is taken very seriously. Thread summaries and actions plans developed once a topic has concluded its run are extremely valuable in maintaining the development team aware of the focused feedback, discussions, and community sentiment.
  • These subforums are meant to be a collaborative discussion where we all learn from each other, share perspectives, and come to the table with ideas for the improvement of Neverwinter. This does not mean that we will take action on every proposal or that positive comments from the development team are to be construed as promises.
  • The CDP is meant to be a living and evolving initiative. We will routinely re-evaluate the needs and goals of the program and continuously look for ways to improve upon it or make determinations on its use and function.
These higher standards and expectations have been set in order to keep discussions on topic, constructive, and maintain a safe and comfortable environment. This will allow everyone, community members and developers, to expend more energy and resources in reviewing posts, engaging in topics, and overall increasing the value of the CDP.

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