My Regular Rant About Lockboxes and Value



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    regenerde said:

    Well, i'm just wondering why it has to be some extreme? I mean, why can't there be some healthy (or rather worthy in this case) middleground between "getting rich" and "getting ripped off"?

    Lockboxes were working just fine before they started messing around with them, all they actually had to do was move "Adventurer" and "Fashion" packs to the Tarmalune Trade Bars Store, and perhaps add some kind of account bound "consolation prize" after xy keys used, and BOOM mission "lockbox improving" actually accomplished.

    Gambling is by nature an extreme is it not? You win or you lose. I've seen scratch-off tickets. You can win big. You can lose all. You can walk away winning back less than you spent or slightly more.

    Lockboxes function no differently. You can win big. You can lose it all. You can walk away with slightly less or more than the value of the key.

    Not sure what you value those adventurer packs at but they do sell (reroll tokens are a draw). The fashion packs were indeed trash but still sold.

    I do agree that old lockboxes are better than the newer ones. Which is why I won't open the new boxes.

    It isn't about the 500k epic companions or the legendary mounts

    I'll respectfully disagree with you here. It is 100% about getting the epic comps, mounts, legendarys, etc. No one is opening lockboxes for fair value. They're opening them for legendary mounts.

    No one's walking into a convenience store to buy a lotto ticket saying to themselves "man i hope i just break even on this ticket".