Player's wish list for new "story book" mini zones within classic overland zones.

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nothing about new classes or new mounds.
this topic is about new adventures and "FUN" zones.
example revisiting Veliosk Forest deep in Neverwinter-Charwood forest, and find a bizarre tree previously undiscovered, enchanted with portal gates, and enter a mini zone, seeing a ring of picked fence with a warning posts and you see a small hut in the middle and pop up with chicken legs, scratching and kicking dirt, a home of Baba Yaga. known for Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut.

1. Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut. (80 level zone), randomized rooms of maze, like those expeditation runs, random creatures, random rooms, and random bosses until face to face with Lady of the Hut.

another zone idea for Sharandar, mysterous pond of mirrors , reflecting players to another realm, and find ourselves seem tiny, think of "Honey! We shrunk the kids" theme, finding a way out.

2. "My Lord Everembers, Our heroes Got Shrunk!", it is more of puzzle quest theme and pixie dust to find and get back normal. wandering in large giant flowers, avoiding preying cats similar to Fire of the Eye temple like AI's when hiding from Darkcrow., and getting on oversized table, seeing large chess pieces, goblets and stacks of books that seem like large pillars.

and one of my last concept before anyone else can post any new mini zones that we all like to see. revisiting Well of Dragon, new area previously not seen until just open, strange rock of mirages. enter one, and you are in realm of King Morpheus, lord of the dreams.

3. "What Dreams are made of...", sort of Little Nemo in Slumberland, whimsy, pink elephants flying, hungry chasing moon, and talking birds making arguing themselves, and what else??? walking bed.

okay, let the wildest ideas begins, post up yours, all other and any new story book zone can be added as stand alone in between main chapters as fill ins.


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    1: Well, we could have a Jim Darkmagic " C-Team Testmarket" scenario in which an inn, like the Yawning portal or the broken crown has a twisted altered version that seems to loop around on itself and the laws of Physics atart to break down. Chairs and plate stick to the walls but still stop you if you walk where they are supposed to be. You have to use the layout of the furniture on the wall to navigate an unseen path. Food comes alive to be an enemy. all the usual goodness.

    2: "Hell Versions" of locations, like the twisting powers of the shadowfell have turned the summer festival area into a dark inversion of itself, green grass is deep blood red, clear blue rivers and lakes are a poisonous orange and made of acid. Trees seem to be covered in blackened burnt skin instead of bark and they bleed into the purple roiling sky.

    3: You are hired to check out a property for a rich noble. A quiet mansion holds quiet echoes of a past tragedy, there is no point in fighting the ghosts, they don't notice you as they relive their ending days over and over till you find out what happened and bring them resolution. This could be achieved several ways and you get a different ending for each method. Burn the house down and undind the spirits that way. Use divine help or a ritual to let the ghosts pass on, or capture the ghosts in a magical item, they may not be at peace but they are out of your way. Or you could leave the ghosts around to torment the new owner, he just said check the place out, he didn't say anything about getting rid of ghosts. This could give you a chance to play out some sort of alignment.

    4: A stranger buys you a drink, it is some decent wine, but you feel kinda funny. After a while you realize, looking at your hands, you are a dog. You run around Protester's Enclave and do dog things. Steal a pie, play fetch with some street kids, chase a cat, BE A DOG! You wake up the next day, in the fountain, surrounded by a crowd and a bunch of other bleary people. Sergent Knox tells you that you, the hero of neverwinter were running around acting like a dog all night but you were your human self. You had apparently been drugged by bored and chaotic alchemist who wanted to cause a little mischief. No one was hurt, but the backer wants you to pay for that pie...

    5: A powerful Twisted and corrupted earth elemental is hurtling toward Toril and will cause mass devastation if it hits. You have to take a portal to its surface and fight your way to its face and destroy the seal keeping it in the prime material plane within a time limit or it will smash into the world killing millions.

    6: You find a book, looks rather plain. The moment you read it, you live the writer's memories. You play as a helpless farmer who can only flee and save what he can as the drow/bandits/whoever capture your friends and family. You spend the rest of yout life trying to find a way to put everything back together, but old age takes you after 50 years of trying. When you come back to yourself, there is a marking on your map. you go there in time to save the captives and stop their horrible fate. But wait, the book was old, Decades old if not hundreds of years. How could it have shown you events that had just happened, how is it it that you saved someone's loved ones after they had been described as lost decades ago? Did the book travel through time? Did you travel through time? What happened? And why is there a tiny village named after you that according to the locals has been called that for nearly a century? You don't remember it being there at all. And why is this eccentric Chronomancer yelling at you about messing with his grandfather's book? Who is this guy?

    Ego etiam cupo recrari et amari diu post mortem meam
    I too wish to be recreated, and to be loved long after my death.
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    Within those zones.. you could have a mini-game of hunts going on. Sometimes a special hunt enemy or creature would appear (optional to defeat). Players would be rewarded based on how many creatures they have crossed off the big hunting list. They could vary in difficulty.

    out of 100 huntable creatures, every 10 defeated could give a special bonus of some sort
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    lol, zim, classic EQ's kill 10 creatures task. i remember finding a "lost pages" just to complete a book for house item. unfortunely, NWO still dont have housing.
    Halls and crafter doesnt count.
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    unique creature types. Killing the same type 100 times would only count once. It would be a long-term side challenge, not meant to be completed, except as an optional bonus challenge.
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    There was an annual autumn food festival in Neverwinter with lots of singing, dancing, and ale. Unfortunately, some mysterious individual decided to give the festival some extra kick. The food was laced with a spice that sneaked up on everyone and now everyone is downing ales like mad to put the fire out (including you!). To make matters worse, the ale is also extra strong, making everyone (including you) almost immediately inebriated. You have to not only find out who was behind it, you need to find everyone an antidote for the spices that won't keep them drunk!

    During this mini-adventure, the debilitating nature of the spices causes a severe slow effect (because it's hard to do much when your mouth is on fire and the back of your head is burning). The only way to alleviate it for a while is to down an ale (which also leaves you buzzed/drunk/etc.) You have to question NPCs, search the area for clues, and maybe even do a little bit of (drunken) fighting.
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    Love the idea! Adding it to the Feedback/Suggestions section of this week's report to discuss :)

    (Our old Loremaster would have loved to do something with Baba Yaga...)
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    Castle Greyhawk would be awesome!