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Game not fun anymore



  • robertthebardrobertthebard Member Posts: 543 Arc User

    @lantern22 module 6 was horrible by comparison. They didn't attempt to fix dungeons or keep dungeons on the module. Scott Shicoff shutdown any content that contained "issues" and that was most of the dungeons. I remember also how bad playing Drowned Shore was back then, do you remember it? That was the only area with enough XP to level you up from 60 to 70. And the area was so broken, my companion wouldn't even stay for the fights.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not thrilled about module 16. I am not happy they ditched the Foundry (unrelated? probably), I am not tickled to revamp and relearn new skills, or the generic player characters. But they will need time to repair this new module. At present, I am still of the opinion it can be done with the month of May. If not, then they must have it done or face the "Wrath of the Jubilee" in June where many players will return looking for gifts and new shiny stuff to do.

    Module 6 made the game dull and lifeless. I took several month off over the Summer. Module 16 can still become a dumpster fire, if they decided to just permanently remove the effected content. Instead they are working on it and attempting to make it better. If they fumble and by June it turns into a dumpster fire, I will be here to watch it. It is just the arsonist in me, I run two blocks down the street to watch my neighbor's house burn, that is probably not a good thing.

    Cough cough....no dungeons are being shut down with mod 16 at all.

    Wait, didn't mod 16 primary dungeon not get launch with the rest of the mod because it was bugged. Isn't demo and tiamat now removed because they cannot be completed.

    Mod 16 is in the same boat as mod 6.

    The issues I see that mod 16 still has are player progression does not matter do to how things are scaled, player choices other than healer/tank role seem to matter little in build or damage. Someone with no knowledge can come in, create a character and them just as effective as a player who spend hundreds of hours playing the game, healers and tanks still don't matter, and combat is now slow and boring.

    These issues still exit and will continue even with bug fixes and fixes to scaling. These are not reason why players play a RGPMMO. RPGMMOs are played to see player progression, engaging combat tactical, action or both, and choices should matter either role or how we build our characters.

    As for shiny new stuff to do; it will be a while before the development team can tackle another mod do to all the issues with mod 16. Any dev taken off fixes will ensure content will just take longer to get fixed. You know those dungeons that have not being shut down.

    So I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you don't play many MMOs? This will be far from the first time that some content has had to be removed, or locked, due to something glitching out. I would also like to point out that a dungeon that didn't release with an update cannot be shut down by said update. I would also like to point out that none of the content you listed was removed with the launch of M16. They were shut down either yesterday, or maybe today, I didn't check the date on the announcement concerning the shut down, but that is not being removed with the launch.

    This deliberate misinformation is the kind of thing I really hate, and I don't care if it's from game developers or gamers. This kind of thing does more harm to actual issues than it does helping with them, because if someone can read this and go "well, that's absolutely not true", the next step is "how much of the rest of this is just as made up". Think "the boy who cried wolf" for an example of what I mean.
    Reading comprehension is essential in a medium that requires reading for communication.
  • gonzakotwigonzakotwi Member Posts: 267 Arc User

    The thing I heard is the fix was to make content challenging.

    The thing is on mod 15 we HAD the more challenging content k-team, just the rewards were hamstery (yeah don't worry I censor myself). But why keep on with that and improve it (maybe using the hardest dungeons like tong or cr on kteam for new equipment) when we can just throw everything away and make a new game/bug? dev logic
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