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Patch Notes: 110.20190411b.14



  • maruda#1373 maruda Member Posts: 168 Arc User
    From where mod16 appeared on the test server, they knew that the scaling system did not work well. We have May 3 and what? No changes, it still does not work, and what is important they "tested?" much earlier. This game now looks like some free pre-alpha from Steam.
  • mentinmindmakermentinmindmaker Member Posts: 1,442 Arc User
    Feedback on VT:

    * VT itself generally is OK
    * The mobs at endboss including the ghosts, general adds and Valindra herself run *way* too fast. Since dodging the ghosts and handling a significant amount of adds is essential in that encounter, that makes it very hard to complete.
    * VT endboss damage levels feels otherwise OK

    With our significantly lowered damage VT boss encounter is back to clicking the statues that pops, killing off adds etc etc. It is good to see the mechanics coming back to life. But having everything in there on steroid runspeeds is not a necessary addition. When the ghosts run way faster than you you can't get away from them and get an unavoidable death. When the masses of adds run faster than you you spend most of the time in the encounter running for your life, only saved by the swing time of the adds when they stop to hit you.
  • lowjohnlowjohn Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,061 Arc User
    aimsies said:

    krysnyte said:

    And I STILL won't be able to play the new content because I have no campaign window...Great.

    I'm not the only one with this problem, and it seems like a relatively easy fix, to just put the Deeds back, or set the view in Campaigns and Deeds to default or something.

    I worked with Support and found a fix to this...

    If you have a character that IS working properly, go to your Help->Options->Interface and save the UI from the working character, then switch back to your broken one and Load the UI. It instantly fixed the one character I had stuck in this state as well. Hopefully it works for you too.
    That's a great thought! For people who don't have a non-broken character: Maybe make a new character and try this after the tutorial?
  • bigman99#8273 bigman99 Member Posts: 509 Arc User
    There are some very interesting reviews posted about the company by former employee's that shed light on why these problems seem to occur with so much regularity. Very informative.
  • jayfloyd1979jayfloyd1979 Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    Are you planning on fixing the issue with the #2 daily power not working correctly or not working at all?? This to me seems like it needs some attention!
  • mentinmindmakermentinmindmaker Member Posts: 1,442 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    Feedback on Tong:
    Joined Tong at Withers from RAQ.
    * Withers is ok, you just need to kill the dwarves, hands and any adds. Cannot brute force any more, which is ok.
    * Ras Nsi is unkillable for several reasons:
    - The souls still have way too much hp, even if we saved up encounters and dailies to smack souls
    - There is no way to counter partial paralysis now, and the partial paralysis massively kills dps on souls
    - The adds have so much hp that we struggle to kill them fast enough to avoid the number of adds increases
    If we respec for AE dps we'll have even less dps on souls.

    Feedback on Tiamat:
    Got put into a RIQ Tiamat that failed.

    I dunno what to say really. Tiamat is not very doable in its current version, we cannot kill the adds fast enough to increase the clerics bars. People also die like flies.

    But, depending on how capping will affect this, we are still early in mod gear-wise, and notably very few have level 80 weapons. So it could be Tiamat will be doable with level 80 weapons and possibly with a preformed well geared team. RIQ runs usually got a good mix of low and high IL, and usually are not very well organized.

    But Tiamat will still be fairly hard, and it is right that a RLQ dungeon is that hard? I think Tiamat is a tad too hard still and needs tuning down a little to better be doable at RLQ level.
  • schietindebuxschietindebux Member Posts: 4,292 Arc User
    Tong- Souls vanish after 4 secunds unkillable even getting them to 50% mobs have millions of HP, you get overrun at end boss, unplayable, get some professionell Designer to fix your game, the bugs are countless, everywhere you go you in old content you experience more and more of them
  • lardesonlardeson Member Posts: 374 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    MSVA is currently very tough, i dont know, i wouldn't say impossible but the crystals has way too much Hp for what is at this point an old dungeon and explodes way too quick. its potencially impossible for new players, not to mention in a random queue, it requires too much coordination to get down all the crystals before they explode, which is unlikely in a random queue. Have in mind, this may be due to scaling itself and not the dungeon, as stats like accuracy, armor pen are really below the required to oppose enemies.

    Also may i recommend you take out the bugged dungeons from random queues temporaly? its kinda tough to get in tong/cr and have to wait 15 minutes before you can disband.

    Cr sisters still hit for millions. chains dont do any damage even when you hit the sisters while having chains on. the cds on the book for pull and recall are too long, and using recall doesn't always work, which forces you to manually pull back any of the sisters that runs off.
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  • adinosiiadinosii Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,294 Arc User
    bobo#5090 said:

    From the patch notes:


    Certain backend stability issues have been addressed."

    Was this supposed to make the rubber banding better, or worse? Cuz I couldn't even tolerate it long enough to finish farming rad, or do all 3 daily MEs...

    It has nothing to do with lag. "stability issues", means that it should crash less than before.

    Hoping for improvements...
  • regenerderegenerde Member Posts: 3,012 Arc User
    edited May 2019

    Scaling broken, bugs, painful things all around BUT, OMG THEY CAN DO THE DAILY ON EACH CHARACTER.. MUST FIX NOOOW!!

    yep, just take a look at this... it's only a minor visual bug in the end, but i'm left wondering why do they even have to scale the XP stats on enchantments? It makes no sense at all.
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  • lardesonlardeson Member Posts: 374 Arc User
    sigh, the more i play this, the more bugs i find. Now its about the companions. yes im using an augment, something bondings not being procced or its just the augment not giving stats. not sure which xd. resummoning fixes it, but u cant resummon in battle, which makes some fight last forever.
    Lardeson CW not Mage. Where's my fireball and my thunderbolt?
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