My state of the game . . MOD 16 testing edition mid-stream



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    This has Star Wars Galaxies NGE written all over it :(
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    It certainly is a high risk endeavor to change a game so massively as mod 16. Lots of examples of games being shot down when doing things like that.
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    I used to think all business owners were clever people.

    I used to think that millionaires were, by definition, cleverer than me.

    I used to think that game developers knew how to make a great game and keep that game relevant and exciting.

    I used to think that online game owners and bean counters were cleverer than me.

    Experience over the last 30 years of working in business and playing MMOs for about 20 years now leads me to believe that almost none of the above are true.

    Mistakes get made, games die, its the law of natural selection. Lets hope this isnt the case with Neverwinter.

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    Experience over the last 30 years of working in business and playing MMOs for about 20 years now leads me to believe that almost none of the above are true.

    It took you 30 years to realize that?
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    Business owners either had money to begin with or were able to procure a loan to start their business. Those that figured out what they were doing thrived. Those that didn't went belly-up.
    I'm not looking for forgiveness, and I'm way past asking permission. Earth just lost her best defender, so we're here to fight. And if you want to stand in our way, we'll fight you too.
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    bobo#5090 said:

    adinosii said:

    bobo#5090 said:

    So it sounds like all the enchants are worthless...

    Not worthless, no - it's just that when the formula was changed from 500=1% to 1000=1%, the value of enchants was sort-of cut in half. The small number of points you get by upgrading enchants from R14 to R15 is not really worth the cost.
    What about from 9->13? or even 13 ->14? I have a ton of enchants that need refining(when I get more mops, or es, and wards) but am now not sure what to even bother with. Certainly not my darks anymore, as the speed bonus is going away :'(
    You are on the right track with your considerations, however the darks are still useful, they grant companion stat sharing bonus.

    But you are right, after some lengthy testing it appears when I did all rank 14s vs all rank 15s that my character performance was practically unnoticeable. It seems that if you don't even bother upgrading your rank 14s that you won't feel like you are missing out on some extra stats, because essentially you get more stats off having the right companion over having all rank 15s.

    With the recent companion damage nerf it seems its now better to go with an augment companion since any combat companions do so little dmg that even trying to use them against trash mobs is a pure waste. You are better off trying to maximize your stats through augment companion. Its really saddening that they are funneling the game down this route. I was under the impression when I was first testing the preview when I saw how much dmg the fighting companions were doing, it felt like a nice addition to the game but turns out that was just something they had not gotten to and now they do twenty five times less dmg.

    During testing my fighting comp would average around 25 million damage during a dungeon run. That same dungeon run after the patch, did less than a million dmg total. 25 times less dmg. Its back to where it is currently in mod 15. Comps are weak again.