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MOD 15 buff hr



  • thefiresidecatthefiresidecat Member Posts: 4,486 Arc User
    wdj40 said:

    ibemin0x said:

    @wdj40 it is sad but hey we have to be the resistance bro. trapper is too good to be forgotten. now, what they did to it this mod is just awful. no consideration at all for the hrs that dont want to be pseudo-gwfs. it baffles me that the devs dont even have the decency to address the issues. sad really =(

    Yeah the complete lack of care or feedback has left me just annoyed and frustrated. I love this game and have easily passed other games I have put time into by a significant margin. I dont mind all the game changes they make as will adapt etc... but the class changes are terrible and just keep getting worse and worse. So much so that I cant bring myself to play much anymore.

    I ran a quick PUG in PvE last night.... after 3 runs of Throne the 4th popped, loaded up oh hey Throne again I just quit out and logged off. I have dropped my PvP loadouts already as there is no point in that anymore. Stunned to death is not fun in the slightest lol.

    The PUG's I ran last night I was using Combat, its just so boring compared to Trapper. It dishes out the damage but I never wanted to be a Melee character in the 1st place.

    All this and more has left me deciding to hang up my NW boots and move on to the next MMO that is coming out. My VIP runs out in 7 days so that will be it for me. I wont un-install though as I will keep an eye on things and if improved in the future there is no reason not to come back into it :)
    yeah, I've got years left on my daily key. lol I've been spending a little bit of time levelling my hr on ps4 to get the masterwork chult stuff just because I want to experience mc on one toon.
    but for the most part I'm not really playing neverwinter either anymore. it was the dc changes that really killed it for me. I'm trying to get passable at blackout. Even beyond the nerfs.. there just is nothing in the next mod that holds much interest for me. the hunts have kept me going. tbh I know a lot of people liked the raven hunt system but it didn't grab me. still like the dino hunts better.. but nothing in the new mod. no obvs new gear to grind for. the new campaign is confusing and a snooze. I always love winterfest. I'll be around for that. but yeah this game. meh. big meh atm
  • feanor70118feanor70118 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,170 Arc User
    I have been waiting weeks for someone to point out that this thread, and this build, should be called, "HR Buff 'n Stuff."
  • thefiresidecatthefiresidecat Member Posts: 4,486 Arc User

    I have been waiting weeks for someone to point out that this thread, and this build, should be called, "HR Buff 'n Stuff."

    your toofs are very long my friend. heheh

  • teucer#3019 teucer Member Posts: 198 Arc User
    edited December 2018
    ibemin0x said:

    @wdj40 trapper perma stun build, which is the only one viable for the class since dmg is dot is a fn mess man.i was playing earlier today and i was unleashing mad rotations on some gf and the guy didnt even lose 10% hp. i was hitting 2k and 1k i have both weps exalted. its a joke really. the dmg is even worse than it was

    What % is your RI?

    Define Perma... are the rings, mask, and pants still used? I have not run the gimmicks for months.
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