The Heart of Fire Preview Patch Notes: NW.105.20180924a.2



  • empalas
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    Tonights patch fixed it finally.
  • strathkin
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    Oh is it live?

    Seems it didn't fix or recognize the item taken from DELIVERY BOX at least for me, but haven't tried recopying character back down to Preview just yet...

    If recopying character doesn't work I'll wait for PATCH notes.
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  • bayaz#7892
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    Worked for my MC just fine a few minutes ago, i had to gather something again, but then the quest proceeded.

    The legacy contracts look good (not working for me atm, but i am confident they will upon release.):

    Apparently,you can get a worker in a profession of your choice for every unlocked slot you have now. The workers for slots 7-9 will be epic ones. The rest blue or worse, who cares :)
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  • strathkin
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    It didn't work for me. Then I tried to FORCE VERIFY and noticed 2 small files never updated. Regardless after it failed I deleted character and recopied... but after doing the FORCE VERIFY & recopying Character he had no problems what-so-ever in finish the QUEST to complete the Tutorial & Running Your Workshop. Yea!

    I hope they resolved the duplicate artisan's from being awarded from the Professional Artisan Recruitment as well. Now I'll be excited to see the PATCH NOTES when posted.
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