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M15: Hunter Ranger Class Changes



  • eliybeatseliybeats Member Posts: 186 Arc User
    edited November 2018
    I didn't call for a sneak nerf. I called for a slight buff. I was only speaking for combatalone when I said that about the at wills. When combat was first revamped flurry used to proc immediately instead of after encounter. That meant that part of that 2 seconds was used up immediately because of how long the encounter took to finish, as a result you could use rapid strike and get more usage since it was a faster at will, meaning that it was best for single target. A little before I left the game they fixed it so that flurry wouldn't proc until after the encounter was finished but then nerfed it's damage by 15%. It's change made up for the missing flurry time however and was more powerful. I'm just asking for something that gives a slight edge on single target. Perhaps asking for 10% increase to rapid strike was too low, maybe 20-30%. Thorned roots indeed have been broken but before something as significant as Soul Sought Crystal was added to the game it was still a pretty awesome damaging effect on single target damage. I see plenty of trapper buffers. That's fine. They can do that I do it too sometime. But I didn't get in this game to be a buff bot. That's the reason I gave up my dc. I play this game cuz I like it and want to be the best at it in damage and soloing as well as tanking maybe. This turn their taking for pathfinder trapper ruins us and you'll see average gwfs everywhere complaining that we aren't buffing when they barely can struggle to do good dps without aoc. OK maybe that was too much but still. The point is we shouldn't only be wanted for buffing and I'm pushing for minor increases that'll better the class. That is all , Happy Turkey Day.
  • heimdal#3771 heimdal Member Posts: 32 Arc User
    I have never seen a worse disregard towards thevplayerbase in an mmorpg. Not a single comment from devs, ive given up trying to follow where this game is going, and just dread each patch blindly instead. Trappers dead as we knew it, if urva new player, go combat, only real option for dps atleast. Prolly scrap hr and go GWF, mainly safe from nerfs/bugs
  • eliybeatseliybeats Member Posts: 186 Arc User
    edited December 2018
    I'd like to redact my statement on storm step action and find it useful for single target in situations you can't use sv. It's actually pretty good better than blade storm on single target. Even if you're already in a group that lowers encounter cooldowns it is still far more useful to use storm step action than blade storm in forward facing single target situations. I know this thread is dead but I'm putting this here so that hopefully the people that do come back and read this will test it and confirm for themselves.
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  • w4yne3dw4yne3d Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Ok so why r u guys decreasing times and cool downs and damage on a trapper in the 1st place either make them better or leave them alone and just alter things for a positive reason not make them worse
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