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Solving the Archery Dilemma - PVE Close Range Archery-Combat Hybrid Build



  • typo#6563 typo Posts: 189Member Arc User
    edited April 4
    @drizztfohl I run both pure archery and hybrid archery loadouts, as well as Combat and Trapper. Basically I play everything the HR class has to offer. As an archer, it is possible to play without party buffs and I do enjoy solo challenges, such as the occasional T-Rex... and there is a video from last summer on page 1 of this discussion topic showing it. Still, party buffs can only boost your DPS. There is really little advantage anymore to being so far away that you can't get party buffs.

    BTW, we'll all have to redo our archery builds in Mod 16 though. So far, archers are looking good in Mod 16.
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