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March 2018 Community Activities

nitocris83nitocris83 Posts: 1,805Member, Administrator Administrator
edited March 6 in News & Announcements
Greetings Adventurers!

This month, community activities will be somewhat more calm as we introduce a couple new on-going events and prep for the Spring!
  • Tiamat's Boss Bracket: a "just for fun" boss showdown voted on by the community with giveaways after each round. Visit the blog for details.
  • Developer Spotlight: You've seen them on the forums but who are they really? Get your interviewer persona on and get ready to to know the humans behind the usernames! Blog with details coming soon!
  • Introduction to Built Spotlight Stream: Born from last month's PvP on Preview, we will begin polling/setting up this on-going event.
  • CM Fun Play Stream - Date TBD.
Due to the recent release of Lost City of Omu on PC and in preparation for its launch on Console, we are doing a more casual/non-game related Dev engagement event. That will also allow for more time to prepare for next month's PvP with the Devs event!
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  • ilithynilithyn Posts: 401Member Arc User
    @nitocris83 The link to the blog doesn't work :(
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  • nitocris83nitocris83 Posts: 1,805Member, Administrator Administrator
    > @ilithyn said:
    > @nitocris83 The link to the blog doesn't work :(

    Should work now. It was pulling the preview URL for some reason O.o
  • etelgrinetelgrin Posts: 1,550Member Arc User
    Great news Julia! Thanks for it, looking forward to next stream spotlight :smiley:

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