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Art of Del [Open for Commissions!]

delusionmakerdelusionmaker Member Posts: 3 Arc User

I'm Del and I am a returning player, RPer and a freelance artist. I thought I could open a topic to share my artworks and commission info. I hope this is not somewhat against rules, I tried to look for rules or for any indication about what I can post and what I cannot but eventually I got lost. However if sharing these information is against anything in the forums please let me know, I will edit it to make my post more suitable.

Commission Info!

*Fashion Designs comes with varied sketches for commissioners to pick from depending on the price.

Details through the link, please read for more information. Thank you!

★ Icon Commissions ★

★ Experimental Works ★

New Section • Base Prices + 40$ • Single Character • Portraits Only (for now) • Line Art option switched to Greyscale
These will take longer than usual ones • Only One Slot Open • Details through the main link

★ Commission queue & progress at Trello~~! ★
Important Note: I am not able to check forums and such as often as I would like to, if you wish to ask a question regarding commissions, please get in touch with me via e-mail ([email protected]), that way I can reply you in a timely fashion without distractions and delays.
Also it would help me to keep everything organised!


  • delusionmakerdelusionmaker Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    I haven't get to draw my Neverwinter characters, I just have some sketches and concepts but that's all. Till I finish them I am going to share few recent artworks of humanoid characters that is fitting to all settings and who knows, maybe I will make them in game too at some point. :>

    2016 - Murderkitten, a present for a friend. Also a greyscale study.

    2016 - An experimental work I forgot to continue...

    2017 - High & Drowsy. A set of experimental works, witches and oracles.

    2017 - Aurora.

    2017 - The white witch! Yet another experimental work.

    2017 - A commission I got to paint for a very nice client.

    2017 - This was a doodle and a gift for a friend that RP.

    2017/2018 - This is a sketch stage of an another experimental work that I occasionally continue. I have been testing colour schemes, my brush sets and settings, trying new things with this one. Progress has been delightful to me and I am hoping to finish it soon. (A small part from the updated version is present in the experimental commission banner!)
  • delusionmakerdelusionmaker Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Got some DnD & Neverwinter sketches done! :)

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