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Official Feedback Thread: Random Queues



  • e1ementoe1emento Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 91 Arc User
    Since this Feedback is for the Random Queues, I thought it appropriate to mention this. Are the three dungeons removed for fixing going to see their way back soon? They are located in Ebon Downs, Helm's Hold, and Whispering Caverns.
    Also are we going to get CTA events for the three skirmishes neglected which as a player knows, are easily leveled over too quickly? They are the Blacklake Terror, Defend the Village, and the Aberrant Assault.
  • preechr#2215 preechr Member Posts: 488 Arc User
    For the removed dungeons, that has been answered in another thread finally

    In order to bring them back, they would have to be completely rebuilt to accommodate the 3 man version of leveling dungeons end the level cap increase implemented some time ago, so no, they won't be brought back
  • onodrainonodrain Member Posts: 332 Arc User
    After playing the RQ for months now...Throne can really suck. It happens about 20% of the time, someone who does not speak English thinks it is great to kill the Thoon Hulks. You cannot kick them from the party because not enough time has elapsed. By the time you can kick him, you have bronze with no hope of getting overall Gold.

    Today it was a GWF from Germany. They were awesome at killing things. Yesterday it was a French CW. And on and on.

    The time before kicking someone is too long. It needs to be shorter in Throne.
  • slapajoinjun#2751 slapajoinjun Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    This new update is garbage. Have not been able to make any rough ad since the new update. Every time I try the hero accord (tomb nine gods) which I have never ran yet, I wind up being one of the three highest levelscore players in the group(12800ish). I had no plans to even try this until I got 14000 item score. My character holds its own and I stay alive longer than most 14k+ but keep getting either voted out of group or people are abandoning the group. Start with 10 players or whatever it calls for and less than 5 minutes in only be 3-4 left.
  • chidionchidion Member Posts: 410 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    I have previously suggested (and still think it's the best option) tiered content... character level AND "item level" too high and those characters are not able to enter lower dungeons - character level AND "item level" too low and those characters are excluded from entering higher level dungeons... similar to the skirmish restrictions.
  • ivorsk#3627 ivorsk Member Posts: 16 Arc User
    (PS4, 11.5K) Personally I am "HATING" this random que setup more and more every day! First, take FBI and the other one off the epic random que, it does nothing good for first time players like me grinding through that can not get access to the bonus AD or the guild quests for it too. * Suggestion, move the FBI and the other one to the Hero's Accord.

    Second, just to get bonus AD you are now forcing me to speed run stupid lower level dungeons that I now "LOATH". Because the random epic dungeon que is not available to me, when I run an epic dungeon I get no AD for it. * Suggestion, as your item level goes up have the reward scale up or down with the various random ques, yet still equally the same benefit in reward.

    Third, I am now "HATING" players that will join a random que only to sit there and do nothing. Yet I only get a single kick once every four hours! So if the party votes no, I will purposely go now and sit now next to that piece of lazy player to prove a point further. * Suggestion, if their damage output falls below X% of the team than have that person get automatically get kicked, AND have a sever penalty. This will avoid those players that sit there in the corner using an ability to not be idle just to grief or purposely want to get kicked to abuse the system.
  • blackmagidblackmagid Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 90 Arc User
    MSP, FBI random - effort vs reward =no thanks ... going to take the AD hit and enjoy my game :)
  • dafrca#4810 dafrca Member Posts: 469 Arc User

    * Suggestion, if their damage output falls below X% of the team than have that person get automatically get kicked, AND have a sever penalty. This will avoid those players that sit there in the corner using an ability to not be idle just to grief or purposely want to get kicked to abuse the system.

    While I agree the AFKers are a pain and something is needed, I disagree with this suggestion for one reason. I just started a new character, I entered Clock Tower as a lowly 16th level character. The 70+ AD Speed Runner in the party literally killed everything before my character could even get to the fight. So under your suggestion I would have been kicked and given a penalty because a 70+ AD Speed Runner was in the party? No, that is not right either. The key is not % of damage. I ran as fast as the character could go and was happy the AD Speed Runner didn't have to wait very long for me (I knew the game I was in and just ran). % of damage is not the measure for what the problem is.

    Note: I agree there is a issue that needs to be addressed, but auto kick is not the answer.

  • chidionchidion Member Posts: 410 Arc User
    The catch point seems to be no regular player has anyway of actually knowing if a player is trying to scam the dungeon and other players - or if they are victims of unfortunate circumstances, we might have our suspicions, but really there is no way for most of us to know for sure.

    I still support an in game programmed auto kick for any player who is disconnected from any ongoing AD run and having to requeue for a different run. It may be considered unfair for people who are inadvertently disconnected through no fault of their own and I can sympathize with that, but it would completely eliminate the ability for any player to try to scam the content by intentionally disconnecting and attempting to reconnect after a few minutes.

    It would be nice to be able to know for certain that someone is scamming the system and hang a big flag over that character's head, but I don't know of any way for any us as regular players to legitimately make that call.

    I'm coming to believe that the way things are presently seems to be the most fair all things considered, being apologetically repetitive I'd still like to see the programmed auto kick for disconnected players (or the timer for them being removed from the content drastically shortened) but that's just my personal opinion.
  • athena#9205 athena Member Posts: 575 Arc User
    I've suggested before that the kick should be reduced from 15 min to 5 min for dungeons and 2 min for skirmishes and trials. That way your not stuck waiting for a DCd or AFK or Harrasing person to make the boss. Also if the DCd person has not returned after 2 minute it should be kicked automatically.

    Perhaps a method intoduced in soccer could be applied to the game: if a person gets kicked they get a yellow flag that lasts 7 days. Get 5 yellow flags and you get a red flag. warnings and restrictions. or something
  • chidionchidion Member Posts: 410 Arc User
    edited March 2018
    The "estimated play time" when a player queues for a random dungeon is "15 minutes"... lowering the kick out timer to 5 minutes would enable players to kick out someone before the posted estimated play time for random queue dungeons, so I'm personally inclined to believe reducing the kick out timer is something that's not going to happen, regardless of how many people who appear to be advocating something like that.
  • mebengalsfan#9264 mebengalsfan Member Posts: 3,169 Arc User
    I think RQ should be a one Q system and include all content that a player can run up to the latest Epic Dungeon and Trial, those should be listed in heroic accord. You can run it 3x a day for a maximum of 21K AD, 7K per a run. It would include all skirmishes, standard dungeons, epic dungeons and trials that a player has access to play. This way all player can gain bonus AD and what you get for content would be based on the character level, IL and any type of specific requirement to get into content.

    If you get 3x PoM than you get that or if you get 3x GI you have that or three standard cloak towers.
  • athena#9205 athena Member Posts: 575 Arc User
    I disagree. I stay away from random epic dungeon runs unless i have the time and inclination to do so, even though my toons are capable of running it. Keep them separate, please!

    the normal dungeons are ok. i can finish most in 5-10 min time. The skirmishes though i have mixed feeling about. Dread and hunt are very quick and i like them, Throne takes a bit of time but comes out with a ring and maybe more, IG can be quick but many times there are people who want to run gold on a random and that frustrates me and the companion item is almost never acceptable, POM is a nightmare and the least favorite one i play (it takes far too long, far too difficult with standard players to reach silver let alone gold, and the rings usually aren't worth it) so i abandon POM most of the time when i do random skirmishes.

    So i DON"T want to run POM 3 times in a row!! And the kicking system is so messed up!!!
  • mahburgmahburg Member Posts: 598 Arc User
    This has turned out to be the steaming pile everyone, pretty much, warned it would be. It fails abysmally to achieve whatever its objectives were.
    This needs to go back to how things were, right now our guild is running stuff for salvage if folk need AD rather than worrying about the AD from the runs.
  • athena#9205 athena Member Posts: 575 Arc User
    The randoms work, the kicking doesn't.
  • dairyzeusdairyzeus Member Posts: 304 Arc User
    What I'd like to see is rewards for individual random queues go away and instead just get a standard reward the first 2 or 3 of any random queue you run.

    It kinda combines the old system with the new.

    People like myself who hate mindlessly slogging through easy content can get their daily ad by queuing for hero's accord or epics.

    New players or people with limited time can blaze through on the leveling dungeons or skirmishes.

    Queues still pop faster because you've broken the dungeons into 4 categories, but players have better choice over what tier of content they want to run for their daily ad.

    There would still be issues with freeloaders and other things to figure out. But I think this would be a step in the right direction (Don't force people to run content they don't want to run).
  • chidionchidion Member Posts: 410 Arc User
    Personally I think there is nothing wrong with the random dungeon queue except it seems to be the only method to consistently (not to mention quickest and easiest method for a lot of players) to accumulate a good quantity of astral diamonds in the game...

    I'd like to see many more alternative options for players to accumulate astral diamonds throughout the actual game content instead of the random dungeon/skirmish queues being (some say) the only method that offers players a consistent means to amass quantity astral diamonds.
  • athena#9205 athena Member Posts: 575 Arc User
    agreed. Something like using those VIP epic keys on chests and getting rAD from them. Or having bosses drop rAD. Getting rAD from quests as a random reward. Having campaign tasks that create rAD like they do keys.... etc.
  • athena#9205 athena Member Posts: 575 Arc User
    dairyzeus said:

    What I'd like to see is rewards for individual random queues go away and instead just get a standard reward the first 2 or 3 of any random queue you run.

    It kinda combines the old system with the new.

    Please explain this better
  • arcanjo86arcanjo86 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,053 Arc User
    for ad farm:

    weekly quests

    arcane reservoir in sharandar, red wizards in dread ring, protect the portal in pe (harper, needs to complete a tod campaign task to unlock it), biggrins tomb in icewindale ( tt or ab faction npc), well of dragons, maze engine


    1 random 3 player dungeon, 1 random skirmish, 1 random epic dungeon, 1 random trial, 1 heros accord

    so far players do all weekly on the max number toons they have/can

    daily routine becomes 1 random 3 player dungeon+ 1 random skirmish then move to next char, once alts are done move to main ad farm the most recent content, and salvage for daily cap and sell all drops that can be sold in ah.

    the reason we have random queue is because the demand of zen from ad was so huge that they hade to cut it from normal queueing rewards.

    now the solution is make a support char that is needed in end game and pratice til "perfection" that way you get lots of pms for content, use ur drops for profit and get more keys(specialy lockbox keys and dragon keys), always do ad to zen exchange and use neverwinter 40%/50% to buy stuff from store, the only exception is previous days to new module you need to save some zen either for founders pack or for the new bis pet incoming. puting real money in this game to progress, whe game cant progress to have different tiers of difficulty is a waste of money, dungeon and dragons online have tier difficulty and i have more fun than here xD.
  • asterdahlasterdahl Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 1,258 Cryptic Developer
    For feedback on the changes to random queues in the upcoming module, and future feedback on random queues, please reply to the thread OFFICIAL FEEDBACK THREAD: Changes to Random Queues.
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