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The Demon Lord of Gnolls

josephskyrimjosephskyrim Member Posts: 356 Arc User
Hi all, my brother has spent a long time working on this quest and is looking to get more plays and feedback.

It's called "The Demon Lord of Gnolls" [NW-DGC43C4KM] by @DragonlordDrm.

Just as a heads up, it is a pretty long adventure so either have an hour or so free to tackle it or plan on hitting each area over the course of a few days. There's an exit door next to the mini-map that lets you do that - which is also handy for resetting an area if needed.

There is also a fair bit of reading and a few jumping bits involved. If you get stuck I can give some hints on this thread. Hopefully you all like it! :)
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  • majorcharvenakmajorcharvenak Member Posts: 783 Arc User
    @josephskyrim. Playing the adventure right now. Enjoying it but had to back out due to (SPOILERS) - One of the assaulting parties of Pirates didn't materialize and I'm stuck at 4 of 5 boarders repeled. I'll drop the mission and start again but I might not get to review it at the end. All in all its fun, true to lore (at least as far as I've progessed in the adventure) and action packed. Definately like so far.

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  • josephskyrimjosephskyrim Member Posts: 356 Arc User
    @majorcharvenak Thanks for giving it a go! Just wanted to say you don't need to restart from the beginning - if you exit using the Exit Door icon next to the mini map, when you re-enter the area it should reset itself (meaning you don't need to replay the x zones before hand). :smile:
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  • wintermurlocwintermurloc Member Posts: 106 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    I finally got the time to run it.. it's fantastic and really long (love it), goose work dragonlord.. I would have liked a tad bit more humor. Ppl, give it a go and run it .. get to know more about DragonArm in the process..
    Lol had to edit my own post to throw in some typo's so ppl know it's really me Ha!
  • arkanargearkanarge Member Posts: 105 Arc User
    edited March 2018
    I had some problems. First was the dock area. When you go down on the beach there isn't really a clear way to go back up. Just a really annoying slope that doesnt look walkable but is and alot of angled jumping. I even had to /defeatme just to easily get back up. Another thing was fighting the pirate ship. The "put down the jar and kill all the guys" objective. You should segment that part. Since I killed everything on the ship and placed the jar and jumped off to respawn on the main ship to turn it in. It wasn't complete. So I ran back falling off the ship several times, getting hit by more traps. Becoming fully red and using tons of injury kits. I still couldn't find the last wave of bad guys. Then I gave up after 5 minutes of more falling off really annoying parkour jump.
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