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Any idea on how this affects tanking Orcus?



  • zeplin055zeplin055 Member Posts: 45 Arc User
    I face tank him now on my devOP if I have a good dc or 2 on PS4.
  • veywiil#8685 veywiil Member Posts: 208 Arc User
    edited May 2017
    Orcus did 97k damage with 2 debuffs on him vow and 1 stack of Purifying Fire. I had <70% DR at the time... Pitiful.

    Now his hand smashing earth collapsing super charged death sonic impact wave hit me for 182k with 95% DR, so that's pretty good damage still, don't even know how our DPS survived through that.

    Had 0 problems tanking with a DevOP, could probably do it with my eyes closed, no joke. I don't even need to run from the orbs anymore.

    You think this post is a hyperoble and just a joke? It's not, seriously, the could do better replacing this fight with the 2 ELoL scorpions with NO stat changes and that WOULD definitely 100% increase the difficulty of the fight by sizable margins.
    I'm a theorycrafter, that means I can answer fairly deep questions with scientific theory, mathematical proof, and some guessing. Ask me stuff!
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