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Solo que pvp release date for consoles?

trentbail21trentbail21 Member Posts: 433 Arc User
@strumslinger @mimicking#6533 @zebular

Hi my name is Trent the Barbarian an avid pvp player on xbox and I just wanted to ask a simple question to some some higher ranked people.

When do you think we could expect solo que pvp to come out on console?

Also I had some other things for you but if you can't answer them for whatever legal reasons or something just say that I would completely understand.

1. Could you re-release all the old mod 5 armors as transmutes? (Old profound pvp gear, Draconic Templar and T2 sets) I would even pay for them.. $10 per set maybe?
2. Could you possibly elaborate on upcoming GWF changes? It was hinted during last dev stream.
Find me in game if you want and send me a domination/ gaunt invite. If you are good and im not busy ill play with you. Im not an elitist ill play with almost anyone.
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