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epic weapon enchants visuals

genjundeadgenjundead Member Posts: 372 Arc User
now their are some cool and some not so cool visual effects for weapon. but in most cases we want to look at our weapon or the skin or dye we put on it not the weapon enchant. so i doubt anyone important will see this, but if a developer does by chance, please allow players to disable/enable weapon enchantment visual effects. as all i see for my weapon is this shiny vorpal visual effect and not my actually weapon.

if another neverwinter player see this, please leave a comment what you think about what i said, and if you agree or disagree and tell me why so i can understand your reasoning.


  • manyvengeancemanyvengeance Member Posts: 172 Arc User
    There are some really ugly visuals for weapon enchantments; the Vorpal is a really annoying one or the Plague fire once it gets to Perfect, it never looks like real fire and rank 10 make it SO big is disgusting! Lol

    But I think the ugliest ones are the Armor enchantments, Negation always looks awful (a friend told me a joke about it being like glowy *something white that I cannot write here* and now I cannot unseen that D:), Shadowclad and Bloodtheft look kinda disturbing to me and Soulforged (I think from Perfect) looks like you emanate some kind of stinky stuff, lol
  • genjundeadgenjundead Member Posts: 372 Arc User
    i think the visuals for soulforged should have been shadowclads visuals. cause emanating a dark shadowy fog makes more sense on a shadowclad enchant visual then a soulforge.
    not all players hate the epic weapon/armor visuals but a huge majority do.
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