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Preview testing: GF At-wills. AP gain not "roughly the same." Noticeably lower

deathbeezdeathbeez Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 789 Arc User
So I did some GF at-will testing on preview vs on production.
I noticed while testing these new changes, the AP gain with the new changes was noticeably reduced over the same time-period.

I tried to get the 2 characters as close as possible (boons, stats, pets, mounts, artifacts) . Even though the character on preview had higher stats and a 1% advantage in AP gain, it gained AP less with the higher stats in the same time-intervals, with Crushing Surge and Shield slam. I have 4 ranks in both and the block doesn't run out while testing like the other at-wills changed.

"Aggravating Strike & Shield Slam...has been updated, resulting in a slight damage increase for these 2 abilities."
I saw no noticeable base-damage increase.

Character comparison:
Power ------------6,033------------------5,800
Critical Strike-------1,150------------------1,150
Armor Penetration---336--------------------100
Action Point Gain-----0----------------------0
AP Regeneration----21.5%--------------------20.5%

Time (in seconds) to get the AP gauge full at average.
Crushing Surge-----69---------------------67
Tide of Iron--------62---------------------58

As you can see, even though the preview character has a 1% advantage in global AP gain, and 233 more power points (and arm pen).
It's filling the AP gauge with these two skills slower. If they were "roughly the same", the preview character with more AP gain and more power should fill the AP gauge in about the same time. So this means it's about a 2/3% loss in AP gain for these two skills. I assume the other at-wills changed have had their total AP gain nerfed also.

Can this be revisited please? I'd rather keep the AP gain then lose the AP gain for some slightly faster swings.


  • hawkeyelhawkeyel Member Posts: 389 Arc User
    Perhaps you should have put this up in the Guardian Fighter changes. I almost missed this post. Would make for a good discussion under that heading.
  • deathbeezdeathbeez Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 789 Arc User
    I made another post about the GF changes because the original thread got really off-topic.
  • beckylunaticbeckylunatic Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 14,231 Arc User
    The issue with making a new thread is that no matter how garbled the sticky threads get, they're monitored. Other threads, you are at the mercy of how much time the devs have to dig through the forums attempting to glean useful information from all the other stuff we spew out (ahem... not much).

    @amenar @terramak this is important feedback
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