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Leadership: the EVIL profession (mostly joking)

nathanjmnathanjm Member Posts: 103 Arc User
edited September 2015 in Art and Fiction
Has anyone thought that (if role-playing) that Leadership is getting the axe simply because most of its activities make more sense if you consider the mercs to be evil? Let me explain:

- Patrol the mines, end up with a mining claim, giving the owner "the right to exploit minerals." (Quoting from tooltip). How does anyone get the right to exploit after only 4 hours with a sword? That's right, walk in, slay everyone, return with a claim.

- Protect a diamond shipment. More like ambush it, kill the survivors, take the money & goods.

- Refugees. Those mercs aren't rescuing refugees. They're kidnapping them. And putting them in little boxes suitable to be mailed around.

- Destroy an enemy camp. Can someone define 'enemy'? Can we see them in game? Didn't think so. They're just slaughtering people for fun and profit.

- Fight off spellplagued. Help those people? Hah. Kill & loot

- Escort a wizard's scheneschal. For 18 hours. Show them around town, get them drunk, and walk off with their bags.

- Escort a young noble. Has anyone actually seen the nobles after the trip? Just wondering.

Feel free to add more below. :smiley:
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  • santralafaxsantralafax Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,896 Arc User
    I'm sure the mercs do more with the Seneschal than get her drunk
  • kreatyvekreatyve Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 10,543 Community Moderator
    This is hilarious, however it was in the wrong subforum. Moved it to "Art and Fiction". Carry on.
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  • myles08807myles08807 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 408 Arc User
    Considering that my main is a DC of Sune, I recast my Leadership tasks in terms of the world's oldest profession. "Escort Young Noble on Trip" is the most honest of the existing task titles for me.
  • xivirianaxiviriana Member Posts: 33 Arc User
    Well then. If I think about it like that, it's quite the evil proffession yis yis.
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