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Please post about the foundry in dev topic

reiwulfreiwulf Member Posts: 2,687 Arc User
Hey guys! for those interested about the foundry and wanting to better it's current pitiful state, I encourage you all to post in perfectworld.vanillaforums.com/discussion/1194402/feedback-needed-top-issues-currently-in-neverwinter-pc/p1 so we might have a better chance to have a less limiting foundry and fix years old bugs. :)


  • melindenmelinden Member Posts: 619 Arc User
    Done although I'm worried about getting my hopes up again. The Spirals thread was such a letdown.
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  • zachariah92zachariah92 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 49 Arc User
    There are several posts complaining about the foundry, so I hope our feedback don't fall on deaf ears.
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  • reiwulfreiwulf Member Posts: 2,687 Arc User
    I'm an open minded pessimistic, I don't expect anything so I can't be disappointed, but I'd be glad to be proven wrong :)
  • eldartheldarth Member Posts: 4,494 Arc User
  • anraeeanraee Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    I also posted there and in the german forums there also are a lot of complaints, begs, bug-reports etc but still no official reaction by mods so far. I have no hope that anything will change in the future, to be honest. Surely I also will continue fighting for the foundry. But I think that the company intentionally neglects the foundry.
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