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The "New Class(es)" Feedback Thread!



  • kidleader#5086 kidleader Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Removal of legacy loadouts and feats within the game.

    Within the game of Neverwinter, older players have access to legacy loadouts which include several more feats that current players do not have. This poses 2 issues, firstly for current players who attempt to deal damage competitively, we are severely weaker than people with these legacy loadouts by a huge margin. In a game such as this consistency is key. I don't see how its fair to let these older players have access to the legacy loadouts but not newer players. Especially in end game content such as trails, this damage difference is very evident in the damage dealt in the margin of around 16-20% simply for having such feats that newer players do not have. As an end game player myself I do find this very disadvantageous that no matter what I do I will not be able to out damage such players with the legacy loadouts.

    Im proposing for the fairness of the end game community, that you make such legacy loadout available to everyone, or remove it from the game. There is no point in have a set of players have this while the rest do not. It is simply unfair.

    Thank you.
  • peppa#4404 peppa Member Posts: 49 Arc User
    I would really like to see a Necromancer class added to the game. My second choice would be a Druid however I think a Necromancer class would be more fun since the Ranger does have some Druid features in it, slightly. I believe a Necromancer would be easier to include because there's already tons of undead in the game as opponents the Necromancer could use to administer it's powers and features versus a Druid, in my opinion, would need a lot more content created and added such as a Druid's common feature of being able to control animals. Either one is a lot of work I would appreciate the dev team considering and doing. My vote's for a Necromancer class.
  • pigblood#3360 pigblood Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Druid, want a druid. One path focusing on shapeshifting (bear/large cat/tree creature, etc.) and the other with the ability to summon animals to fight along side druid.
  • mylenekotemylenekote Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I am still earnestly hoping for more support classes. The meta is almost entirely dps and it is very frustrating because that tends to make them zerg and dps race through the dungeons. Since I am enjoying just being back in the game and all the content that was returned, I don't want to rush through dungeons. Getting to the most advanced dungeon right away and having the best gear actually can be boring and a bit lonely. These are usually the players that complain the most as well. They invest too much in the end game. I have playing this game since beta and have seen its ups and downs. I am honestly optimistic for the future of this game and I do think a great way to continue making this game enjoyable for new and old players would be to plan now on another class. The content you brought back is excellent. I just know it would be more fun if there was a Monk or Druid support class to round out the horde of dps classes available. I see Druid as being a pet summoner but Warlock has a shadow puppet as well without it unbalancing their class. Monks in real D&D don't need Armor really but you could make robes that would be just as desired and beneficial. A High end Monk in Dungeons and Dragon has always been an asset as they have amazing strengths and are a fantastic support class. Same could be said for Druid so you can either plan on both eventually but either would really increase play ability and give both old and new players something to look forward to. Thanks for you time and consideration.
  • Forget new classes. Add a bunch of new "classes" with a lot less work by just adding a 3rd paragon path to each class.

    Cleric tank = warpriest
    Barbarian support = shaman
    Warlock tank = hexblade
    Rogue tank = ninja
    Fighter support = warlord (specifically how it plays in 4e)
    Bard tank = skald
    Paladin dps = blackguard
    ranger support = druid
    wizard support = artificer

    Any lvl 1-10 powers that don't quite fit the new role can easily be adapted, similar to how warlock's "Vampiric Embrace" gets changed between dps and healer, same graphics but change timer/effects/resource use on them.

    And obviously I'm just spitballin here, if they wanted to make a rogue support and a ranger tank for example there are existing class concepts in the broader D&D lore that fit those too. The point would be to give existing players new tools to play with, with the least development time needed.
  • kerrik#3439 kerrik Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Maybe refresh the ones you already have to balance them to new way the trials and dungeons are constructed?
    Otherwise add possibility to change the class for the toon :)
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