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  • this is not a nerf, this is basicly removing the option to use vehicle from any where in the game. when incendairy rounds r3 is dealing 160 damage per sec and the vehicle weapon is doing 600 damage then something is wrong. keep in mind that people spent Gs, Questionite and zen to get rank 2 and 3 weapons especially…
  • great guide and well explained! just a small note, when the tank start the fight make sure to go in blocking or stay back until he take the boss's aggro, because bosses tend to aggro a random person when the tank start the fight even if he attacked them first.
  • i had so much fun doing this lair, in my opinion this is the best endgame content i have seen so far! first of all the skipping cutscenes mark was removed and we didn't find anything at Caliburn to skip them. Valerian scarlet she's much better than before and all of her powers works pretty well her damage is perfect and…
  • Valerian Scarlet and Black fang was very easy and there's no mechanics to work with. they need more buff to their attacks and maybe add some mechanics? I really liked that there's no res or self res at baron, it made that fight even more fun, beside the zombies swarming the healer and the insta kill with his shield. Vlad…
  • I'm not happy that with the low player base we have after the might revamp and the shortage of every role, most people still don't bother to know how cosmics works, they don't bother checking guides or ask how they work, they don't bother improving their builds or making a critical role, they don't bother asking for…