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  • Some winter costume ideas: Some ski suits: Basically zippered tights with various designs on them. So you can feel like you're wearing nothing at all! Nothing at all! Nothing at all! And some nice chunky ski-style boots:
  • I’ve seen a couple gameplay videos now and the angle never changes. I’d be willing to bet money that you can’t change the angle. Regardless, it’s a Diablo clone. Like I said the camera alone isn’t why it’s a Diablo clone so I don’t know why everyone is focusing on that.
  • But you completely change it as soon as you freelook. Unless you’re playing with both hands on the keyboard. I find it hard to believe that anyone playing with mouse and keyboard or even s controller is maintaining the same camera angle at all times.
  • Because I’ve seen videos where the people rotate the camera and zoom in and out. If you have a free camera you’re bound to give it a little bit of a tilt to see father up the horizon and maybe also tilt it a bit on accident when spinning the camera around. To think that they just happen to not touch one of the camera…
  • From what I’ve seen of the gameplay the camera *angle* is fixed, but the rotation and zoom is not. I’ve only seen people looking down toward the ground. I find it improbable that the people playing just never thought to look up and down. Also Diablo III had non-flat terrain and it didn’t need camera angle adjustment. Also…
  • I’m not defending them saying I’m right, I’m telling you how the game comes off based on the trailer. It just plain looks like a Diablo clone with deck building and card draws for abilities. The gameplay, hack-and-slash nature of it, the fixed camera angle, it all looks like they’re going for a Diablo aesthetic. If…
  • > It's NOT an isometric game though. D2 was isometric. It had simulated 3d that only worked because the camera couldn't move. It created the illusion of 3d graphics by carefully positioning things to give a sense of perspective. This illusion did not work if the camera could move, in fact the entire rendering engine didn't…
  • > @pantagruel01 said: > (Quote) > If the used the cryptic engine as a backbone, it would cost pretty much nothing to allow different camera types. Yup that’s very possible. The only thing preventing them from doing that is the Diablo aesthetic and “click the ground to target” mechanics. Again all my assumptions come from…
  • Totally possible, but just from what I’ve seen though, they seemed to have used Diablo as a template.
  • Yeah I don’t get it either. If anything it makes me more likely to play it. If it just looked like neverwinter I would already have passed it up.
  • > @jonsills said: > (Quote) > "This is going to be Diablo. The camera will be fixed toward the ground." > > How do you know? > > "Because Diablo clones have their cameras pointed down." > > The reasoning there is a bit circular, isn't it? The camera angle is just one of the several reasons I gave for it being a Diablo…
  • It seemed to me like you choose one of the pre-made planeswalkers because if I remember correctly hey kept referencing specific characters. I could be wrong on that though. At any rate if there’s character customization I don’t expect it to be anything beyond what they did for neverwinter. Possibly even less.
  • > @markhawkman said: > (Quote) > My impression from the videos is that it's a mildly modified version of the engine used for CO, STO, and NW. The main change seems to be using an MMO-ified version of the MtG deckbuilding system instead of a traditional RPG skill tree. I’d bet all my jigglies its the same engine.
  • Yeah that’s what I’m thinking but the dude sounded like he said fourteen. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • I wonder if lore-wise the planeswalkers are supposed to have random spells popping into their heads/spell books or if the whole thing is because when they made the original game they wanted a card game so drawing random cards was a must. It does seem strange to have random spells pop up in a game like this. It makes little…
  • > Why? You're assuming they're intentionally copying the camera system from Diablo because.....? Also I'm pretty sure we did see multiple camera angles in the vids... Oh I’m not assuming. I’m taking what I learned from their own trailer. They are trying to copy Diablo with some gameplay changes/innovations (deck building,…
  • Hopefully the co-op multiplayer aspect will include some of that. If it just turns out to be that different spells are just ways to kill dudes with different colors it’ll be a disappointment. I did like the big summons in that second video though.
  • Not really. They’re going for Diablo style gameplay, and so the camera is at least partially fixed aimed toward the ground. The second video shows that it can be rotated, and I assume you can zoom in and out, but I doubt you’ll be able to angle up or down any.
  • > @pantagruel01 said: > (Quote) > I don't recall objecting to calling it diablo-esque. No, I was just pointing it out for the conversation at large for those arguing it doesn’t look like Diablo. Guess that was a bit confusing, my bad.
  • > @pantagruel01 said: > So, there's somewhat more informative videos out there. > https://youtu.be/8kKJx9ao5X4 > (not that I see any particular *wow* stuff in it, but at least it gives a bit more informed speculation). Skip to 6:39 😆
  • > @markhawkman said: > (Quote) > Ok... but using that definition is akin to calling all FPS games "Call of Duty clones". It's so broad that it makes calling it a "clone" meaningless. I feel like you’re being purposely obtuse. Even on a surface level, comparing CoD to Doom, Halo, Hexen, Unreal Torunament, Goldeneye,…
  • > @spinnytop said: > (Quote) > > My first impression was also diablo clone, due to the camera perspective, the apparent movement mechanics, and the way the attacks appear to be controlled and the way they effect enemies. They could have been holding laser pistols and be fighting aliens and I would have gotten the same…
  • > @markhawkman said: > (Quote) > Whether it's similar is not the question. The question was how many people think it looks like a "clone" of Diablo. Why does that matter? It’s obvious people are comparing the games. The only reason why Hey would donso is because the game just plain looks like it. And again if there’s some…
  • I don’t get why you’re fighting so hard against the game being compared to diablo. Diablo is a good game. And it doesn’t matter if there is “search contamination”. My search didn’t make those sites compare the game to Diablo. The fact that he game looks a lot like it isn’t probably the reason.
  • Nope, just roasted corn.
  • This is by far the costume I get the most compliments on. Corn Man
  • I thought of Diablo because it’s a fantasy game with fairly generic graphics in a locked isometric view where you run around killing hordes of monsters in various fantasy settings. What I don’t know about this game is the character leveling and customization system (cuz the trailer didn’t show it) and the loot system (if…
  • > @pantagruel01 said: > There's approximately a zillion games where you run around killing a bunch of stuff, so this game being one of them is not per se a problem. However, the trailer did fail to show off anything innovative, so whether or not the game actually has something extra worth bothering with, the trailer is a…
  • > Is it a swords and sorcery action game? apparently so. That's a REALLY big genre though. It's like the difference between a bull's eye, and the side of a barn. It really sounds like you’ve got your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears if that’s your argument for this game not looking like Diablo. This was my first…
  • It might have an in-game lobby like gw1, but yeah not sure if it qualifies. Who knows
  • Is it even an mmo?
  • Based on the trailer it read as Diablo to me. Third person fixed perspective fantasy game where you run around using spells to kill hundreds of creatures. If the game is anything else, again, the trailer failed to convey any of that.
  • I was playing CoH at the time I heard about Champs. I went to the website and saw some screenshots and canceled my CoH account right away, and waited patiently for the game to launch. Didn’t know whether to vote gaming or superhero since CoH is both. Who cares
  • I like Diablo clones but this game just looks generic. From the visuals to the gameplay, it just looks like everything that’s already been done before. The trailer shows no innovation whatsoever, so if there’s some amazing thing that makes this game stand apart from the dozens that are already out there, this was the time…
  • > @pantagruel01 said: > (Quote) > No, collision boxes should just be the same for all PCs. And wings/tails should not be included in your selection box. Yes and oh man, not counting the obnoxious tails and wings would be amazing.
  • I already do this and my characters aren’t even that big.
  • It is a JPG file but it does have text in it. If you drop it into a text editor you'll see it. If it's been changed at all (and saved as a standard .jpg) it'll erase all that data. I don't think the filename has much to do with whether or not Champions can read the file. If you no longer have access to the old file to…
  • It seems like at some point you may have uploaded the file to a service that changed it a bit. For instance if you used Discord to send the file from one computer to another, it makes changes to the file (including the name) which ruins it as a costume file. Costume files are pretty fragile so you can't really mess with…
  • I played it for a while. I really liked the Ranger class. The hybrid melee/range DPS and the bow attacks were really fun for me. But games with generic graphics never really hold my attention very long and I get bored. Any time I pick it back up I don't last for more than a week.
  • Yup. The Celestials are great, they make just about every XP alert winnable. I never do one without them anymore.
  • I once opened 101 Takofanes II lockboxes. All I have to show for it is two Become Celestials and a buttload of dinosaur costume sets. Anyone need one? 😆
  • Collectors is probably the best way to make money, if that's what you're after.
  • Coming this Christmas: pipe armor.
  • The only thing that's really gonna do is force zone hops. If I remember correctly last year there was often five or six zones up with one or two trains running most of the time.
  • Might be a reference to Sammy's dolls. You get arcade tokens for defeating them.
  • Yeah it wasn't a very popular decision amongst players who had a lot of freeform characters. But it looks like removing subscriptions is something Perfect World did to all their games (to my knowledge), even their profitable ones, so it shouldn't be seen as a final cashgrab.
  • 1. Go to your options, under the Audio tab, uncheck the voice chat option. Should fix that. 2. While SCR is a currency gained from endgame content, GCR is the team-based version of that stuff. So most endgame stuff that you have to team for, like Teleios Ascendant and cosmics will give you GCR as well SCR.
  • Starbound is great, but limited. Once you "beat" it there's not much to do unless you like exploring mods (which there are some pretty great ones).
  • I've been playing a lot of GTA Online. I should check out Saint's Row.