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Disruptive FX

meneshmenesh Posts: 54 Arc User
Please tag the sound FX from opening anniversary gifts to be disabled as disruptive FX. Cause I think every CO player who plays with sound on would agree that standing next to someone spamming open two dozen presents will have bleeding ears afterwards.


  • aesicaaesica Posts: 2,518 Arc User
    Yes PLEASE. I find myself actively moving away from people who spam-open hundreds of gifts, and the fact that, if I wanted to, I could just walk up to a group of people and spam-open a bunch just to annoy them is not okay.

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  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 4,631 Arc User
    Why do people even open the gifts? Nothing of any real use in them. I just sell them unopened for chump change.
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  • pantagruel01pantagruel01 Posts: 7,039 Arc User
    Yeah, gifts haven't really served a purpose since they stopped containing currency.
  • meneshmenesh Posts: 54 Arc User
    Cause some people care about rocks, XP/ resource boosts, perks?
    Seriously, "just don't open them" is no solution to the point in question.
  • phoenixc#0738 phoenixc Posts: 8 Arc User
    Going up in or on one of the towers around rencen is a good place to open them if you don't want to annoy other players.
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