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  • ltminns wrote: » No fix for the Borg Red Alert, awarding only ONE Mark (plus Daily Bonus if applicable). Don't know if was your intention to also drop the Omega Mark Box reward. There were no previous patch notes on that change, if it was intentio…
  • zedbrightlander1 wrote: » arkyboy wrote: » sunfrancks wrote: » ambassadorkael ambassadorkael#6946 wrote: » Hey folks, 2pm I've updated the OP, but tomorrow's maintenance…
  • leemwatson wrote: » ambassadorkael ambassadorkael#6946 wrote: » General: * Mirror Invasion Event: * Portals will continue to spawn until the timer runs out in the first phas…
  • davidharper wrote: » hince why im asking them to clarify personaly it would have been smarter to do it though the arc system itself or email would make a hell of alot more sense check fb mail "OTHERS" not there or in main your not the davi…
  • mattjohnsonva wrote: » Modding Skyrim is what I like to do, and whilst the visuals on ESO are good they are leagues behind Skyrim. There's another beta this weekend, I'll give it another try but it's going to have to be really good to get my atten…
  • mattjohnsonva wrote: » I've been running with ESO beta from the first NDA closed beta, it's ok, but it's not Skyrim online, I'd play it if it were free but I don't think it's worth the monthly cost in addition to the initial purchase, not yet an…
  • seems like there is an hieracy within ya guild ... im here just to play and run as many stfs on as many as my toons possible in a day and maybe get a few pointers on builds .... learn the tactics and mechanics of the fights ... i dont plan on pla…