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  • redbeard#5284
    Since it appears that my two favorite places Nimbus and New Romulus have become useless because I can't replay the missions which were really fun then, I have decided to suspend my paid subscription. It is unfortunate that STO has taken this drastic change in the game.
    November 16
  • woody489
    I meet your team at destination star trek this month and did the little Q&A after the talk with Marry Wiseman. I gave my email address but didn't receive the email.
    Is it possible for it to be sent again please?
    October 29
  • jowolf18
    Don't know if this is an issue or not. But using my Discovery character I can not do the "Skirmish" mission. Everytime it does the map transfer it kicks me out of the game and gives me a Fatal Error Donatu map not found?
    October 24
  • andrevonblitz
    Hey I am having trouble with my PM. Almost every time some one tries to PM me they get a message saying I am ignoring them event though they are not on my ignore list.
    October 24
  • strathkin
    PS: I think many LOVE the Discovery Captain HUD & Color's and loading screen. It's too bad more couldn't choose the loading screen regardless which allied faction they are. I mean it's absolutely beautiful work and many think it looks far better the older ones for the other factions!

    Be great to allow not only faction color palette for the UI, but also the Loading Screen or other options regardless... Faction / Character!
    October 11
    • strathkin
      Or slightly update all loading screens, HUD's, Color Palette's and give the player the choice depending on what their favorite is that week or month.
  • themeemz
    Being I don't like the Discovery show, can I bypass any game play revolving around it? I don't think Gene R. would like that show either; unless called the Mirror Universe! I don't like soap operas or reality TV, so why would I like Discovery?! Star Trek is about POSITIVE ENERGY which Discovery lacks; at least in the first 3 shows that I tried watching before giving up.

    Please tell me that I don't have to play it to move forward with my game!
    September 5
    • strathkin
      Yea I think that is one very FAIR statement many critics of the show say. Though I did hear I think the War with the Klingons was part of the story they wanted to tell...

      PS: Rumor is the producer has said as this wraps up and comes to a close they slowly will start to embrace and discover those values which somewhat existed in ToS. Yet I think most will recognize as G.Roddenberry got older, those values became his strengths, and really became the legacy of what most recognized & loved.

      Specifically in TNG, DS9, and then Voyager. So I'm only hopefully now that the other Captain was discovered to be a Mirror Universe Captain and now that the Enterprise is Present we might start to see those values take hold?