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Starfleet Academy (2409/2410) flickering textures/shadows.

snowwolf#0563 snowwolf Member Posts: 677 Arc User
edited October 2018 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports

After the Discovery update there are now some textures but mostly shadows that flicker quite heavily at Starfleet Academy on the normal Starfleet map, year 2409/2410.

This is most noticeable when the character and camera is moving, and it's also most noticeable on the buildings on the northern side of the map.

Updating the graphics driver and verifying game files did not resolve the issue.

I always hate bugging you @engineerb4#4806 <3
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  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 5,900 Arc User
    I am seeing the same thing on the regular SFA map. I do not remember seeing it happen on the Discovery tutorial version of SFA.

    The building with all the services in there (bank, mail, exchange, tailor...etc...)....inside the building all the skylights are blinking out. It seems to be all about the shadows. Looking at the building from the outside, same thing, shadows blinking on and off....today I noticed it on the trees as well as buildings.

    I may have to just turn shadows off while at SFA.
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  • frtoasterfrtoaster Member Posts: 3,214 Arc User
    I can confirm that I see flickering at Starfleet Academy if I turn on shadows, though only when I move. This is at the regular Starfleet Academy; I have not checked the Federation tutorial or the Discovery tutorial. The easiest way to reproduce the bug is to turn on shadows, go outside near the center of the map, and run towards the buildings to the east or south.

    So now we have flickering if you turn shadows on and a different type of flickering if you turn shadows off. You can't win.

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  • snowwolf#0563 snowwolf Member Posts: 677 Arc User
    Still an issue to this day, 17th November, 2018.
  • snowwolf#0563 snowwolf Member Posts: 677 Arc User
    Still an issue to this day, 19th December, 2018.
  • wideningxgyrewideningxgyre Member Posts: 449 Arc User
    Agreed. It's been flickering most noticeably since the Disco update.

    Another odd thing, not a bug, but an odd change - you used to be able to run through shrubs as you ran around the campus to do the daily clicks (Lifetime dil refiner, vulcan npc for doffs, Viala, etc.). At the same time the flickering started, a lot of stuff became "solid."

  • sarvour0sarvour0 Member Posts: 382 Arc User
    I thought it was an issue with my laptop. I am surprised to see it isn't just me.
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  • snowwolf#0563 snowwolf Member Posts: 677 Arc User
    This is still a problem to this day, shadows and transparent windows textures throughout Starfleet Academy flicker heavily as the character and camera move around. It's most noticeable on the northern buildings, and the main building at Starfleet Academy, and at the top with the trees in the background etc.

    Could you look into this @engineerb4#4806 ? We haven't heard back from you yet.

  • snowwolf#0563 snowwolf Member Posts: 677 Arc User
    Still a bug to this day, 17th February, 2019.
  • snowwolf#0563 snowwolf Member Posts: 677 Arc User
    Still a bug to this day, 10th March, 2019.
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