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  • joel#1296
    Fore Weapons
    Resonating Dual Tetryon Beam Bank
    Resonating Dual Tetryon Beam Bank
    Resonating Dual Tetryon Beam Bank
    Quantum Phase Torpedo
    Deflector Preeminent Deflector
    Impulse Preeminent Hyper Impulse Engine
    Warp core Preeminent Warp Core Mk XII [A->E] [S->W] [SCap]
    Shield Preeminent Covariant Shield
    Aft weapons
    Omni-Directional Antichroniton Infused Tetryon Beam Array
    Omni-Directional Tetryon Beam Array
    Enginner Consoles
    Polaric Modulator Mk XII
    Trellium-D Plating Mk XII
    Neutronium Alloy Mk XII
    Science Consoles
    Temporal Disentanglement Suite Mk XII
    Emitter Refocuser Mk XII

    Tatical Consoles
    Tetryon Pulse Generator MkXIII
    Tetryon Pulse Generator MkXIII
    Tetryon Pulse Generator MkXIII
    Tetryon Pulse Generator MkXIII
    February 15
    • telbasta7386
      Is there a particular reason you're still using the quantum phase torpedo? Torpedoes can be decent supplementary damage but unless you're getting something out of them other than the occasional bit of damage, they're not worth it. My disruptor boat, for example, uses the nausicaan disruptor torpedo (which does disruptor damage, so it gets boosted by the same consoles as my beams), but I put it on a rear hardpoint. I'm only really using it for the set bonus and occasional shot after strafing a target, on the front hardpoints I use 4x targeting-linked disruptor dual beam banks. Generally on a beam/cannon boat, the more energy weapons you can put on your front arcs the better, because you're usually zipping around at relatively high speed (to keep your defense up, you need to stay at 50% or higher throttle, you get the highest defense bonus at 75% throttle), so your strafing runs on enemy ships are pretty short lived, and you want to do as much damage as possible in that quick run. For reference, that disruptor boat I use (it's a ferasan slithus escort, btw 4/3 layout) with 4 dual banks up front and using beam overload 2 can kill everything up to battlecruisers in a single pass, and can nearly kill most battleships in a single pass at full speed. I'm only using one omni-beam on it though (the house martok omni, again for set bonuses more than anything).

      I admit I havent ever run a tetryon build so I dont know offhand what set bonuses work best for them, other than the tzenkethi set from the lobi store.
  • joel#1296
    As far as your answer to my post I am using the Bird of prey we got from the KDF mission.
    As far as the build I figure it wont matter as much the ship I am using I can always tweak and add more weapons or consoles. I do not have the Lobi crystal so that part I could not do.. I have an updated List now on what I did if you want would not mind looking over it and seeing If I missed anything.
    February 15