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  • Another lag filled day. Takes way too long to log in. 10 min and still loading in. Over 8k ms the whole time. It then dropped to 2.5k. Then I got SNR and booted out. Not the load screen. Can see my ship. There's too much being loaded over the intern…
  • so again it's extremely bad. So bad I couldn't log in to do anything but see that I made some money off the exchange while having SNR, then got booted out to the log-in screen.
  • Still pretty lag filled. Over satellite and I'm having massive lag spikes. This game is still being super inefficient with its internet use. Causes everything to lag up. Nothing else causes this to happen. Close STO and it all stops.
  • today is another lag fest. and like always, it's in the space event STF after an update. 7k+ms this time. load in, 7k+ for 3 minuets after load screen. buff up, 1.5k ms. enter combat 2.8k ms. anywhere else, no issue. can't use AT&T b/c the lag i…
  • Hey guess what. It's back. And this time it's on both my AT&T and Satellite connections (typical sat 600ms, but fully playable). Right now, every time I get into combat, I lag up to 3k+. It acts like something massive is downloading.
  • It is also useless against the Hur'q. I get it not affecting the Attendants (small bugs), but the Mekcrid Guardians and the Vekcrid Overseers (the medium and large ones) are also not affected by it. It's also completely inconsistent with hitting. I…
  • I do also get spikes randomly when sitting idle. I just had several again. Right now I'm sitting at 570ms. It was enough to kill my connection, and the game gave an SNR. I also am pretty sure that the reading STO gives is not fully real-time because…
  • Yup. STO is, once again, overusing internet bandwidth. It already uses a stupid amount when loading maps normally. But now it's ridiculous. Normally I go up to about 700ms in every loading screen. Ever since the Anniversary, I sit at 2k during the l…
  • (Quote) Good advice. Anyone with lag trouble should do that. I have that turned off, but the game acts like it's still on. Hey Cryptic or ARC or PWE or whomever it is, guess what? I am having massive lag with STO causing all other internet usage …
  • (Quote) Are you saying it's okay to be AFK and useless causing folks to not get as many marks as possible for things they NEED? Are you also trying to derail this thread?
  • because I sent several PMs about it and never got a response, in and out of the tfo. and they did what others have done: move their ship off to one side, have one beam and pets shoot enemies, then in the third phase they're all over the enemies dest…
  • Oh yeah. The above, is once again happening almost only in the event STF.
  • Lag lag lag lag lag everywhere!!!! Good lord. This so bad. I can't even report an AFKer because the connection is so bad. Reporting causes the game to lag up and then the report system times out. HOW POORLY OPTIMIZED IS THIS GAME?!
  • I do. Your results are fine from you to them. So far a lot of lag has been caused by the game. The beacon was one of them. The other possibility is the route from them to you, which is almost never the same, could have an issue. It's always possib…
  • I just played on a connection far more reliable than mine, and this was still happening. I just figured out it's the penalty from using "Reroute Power from Life Support". It has a recharge penalty. I was expecting it to do something else.
  • Oh, glad it's found and taken care of. Am I correct that a game restart is needed to fix the issue?
  • I can't blame whomever owns STO. The creators did the coding of the game. I could blame the tools being used, as those were made by the game/engine creators too. Either way, it's really annoying.
  • And again, a ton of lag after the patch, as if the game is downloading something. If I close STO (alt+F4) when lagging, all the lag is 100% gone. Again. 99% of lag is in the new TFO. AGAIN! I had no trouble the weeks before.
  • The scaling isn't working right past 50. I've discussed this with others. I've been able to tear through ships in Borg Disconnected Adv as dps easily before. Now the times I can do that are random. Sometimes it even changes in the middle of the STF/…
  • (Quote) That's not going affect the internet speed. No internet company is throttling me for one thing (downloading things and watching youtube/videos takes far more than any game uses at their most intense). For another, no internet company is goi…
  • It's BAAAAAAACK! Internet lag as if the game is downloading stuff while I play.
  • Mmmhm. That's why I haven't placed most of the blame on the difficulty of the ships. The ships aren't the worst part, and them taking me out I think is a result of a few settings for my ship that got changed and I didn't know it. And I was missing t…
  • lol And now the launcher took so long to connect, that Windows gave me a "the connection took too long" error. WINDOWS gave me the error. The whole time Discord's connection meter was in the red, but as soon as the launcher closed, it's ba…
  • There is still a crazy amount of internet lag. I got sent around the power crystal room in a full circle due to lag. I didn't even fly in a circle, I flew straight. There is something wrong with the game itself. Again, this only happens with STO wh…
  • I just used my internet source (4G cell service) in the middle of town where I live (normally in the country but I use a cell booster) and on a different computer, had the same results.
  • Now the lag is back. Same start/stop time in the stf. Only two toons this time. I don't get it. I give up trying to figure it out.
  • (Quote) Then it would be done during any other STF that is more intense, and it would also be during the entire STF, not just a specific part of it. And since I'm not lagging anymore, that's not the case.
  • (Quote) But you are missing it. If it were maintenance on the route, I would be lagging elsewhere in the game too. It has to be 100% coincidence that I lag every day at the EXACT same time I am 1/4 through phase 1, ending IMMEDIATELY when phase 2 …
  • Still better than SWBF2 lag. Good lord. Also, the lag is back again. Whee!!
  • (Quote) Right, at the time the traceroute was run, which was when I was lagging hard and the ping test (ping -t) indicated otherwise. Sure most of it had high MS (the parts that weren't me locally), but none had an * (timed out). I ran one a few ti…