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  • I agree completely kf4tvi, see my post on Fleets here: https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/startrekonline#/discussion/1263333/economy-improvement-suggestions-fleets ...for my ideas on how to increase the demand for Fleets again. All economic adjustment requires supply and demand balances - as westmetals accurately points…
  • Ah, I wasn't clear in how I wrote my idea - what you stated as the counter-idea is what I was trying to say. For instance, I could buy 1000 Zen, then make it tradable by infusing it with 100,000 dilithium and 10,000,000 EC. I am absolutely not suggesting the ability to create Zen purely from in-game materials, for exactly…
  • Regarding the update to Fleet-wide bonuses in the previous post, I determined what I feel would be the ideal dilithium cost for the bonuses. A 5% bonus - available at Tier 1 - would be 12,500, 10% at Tier 2 would be 50,000, and 20% at Tier 3 would be 200,000. This would make the "break even" points achieved at 5, 10, and…
  • "and STO doesn't have any way for us to track who is doing it"... do you mean you can't track who isn't donating dilithium, or that you can't track who's donating at all? Because you can track donations via the Leaderboards tab in the fleet holdings which shows how many credits each player is putting in.
  • "Horrifically unbalanced for the type of play required". Tell me, what exactly is "the type of play that is required"? Is it exceptionally high DPS? Is it your way of flying a spaceship?... If you bring sufficient heals, the Maru's damage from the Thalaron Cloud is negligible. There is no stated requirement that the…