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  • I'm with Suzanna on this one. The troll crowds your toon with his own, ,move to another instance and the guy follows you, move again, he follows again, ect... each time repeating crowding her toon. Wish pwe/cryptic would read and enforce their own user agreement.
  • I just turned in my Qmendations and as a rewared I got a Dyson Science Destroyer. I talked to Capt Smirk about it and he said to report here. I am sure I didn't have last years project running. my @handle is @kraun my toons full name is A'eina@kraun Thank you.
  • Well, thanks for the explanation. Doesn't resolve the feeling I was stabbed in the back, but at least I know why. Oh well, back to grinding.
  • Wow, I am so very disappointed in you guys for this list minute dilithium bonus nerf. I had thought better of this company before now. Its a shame really.