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  • wow your the first person on these forums that has actually agreed with me. its refreshing to have a like minded sto player agree with me. i mean i wouldnt even mind so much if they were like say lvl 12 -15. and as you get through them they then get high lvl requirements. not as silly as the currently lvl 65 requirement. i…
  • yeah i know what you are all saying, my point is. that they could easily put them back where they used to be. instead of being in the available tab. and make them so that you don't have to be lvl 65 before you can do them. and they did say they would remaster missions and add them back but they haven't.
  • yeah that's what i mean the ones i would want to do i.e the spectres missions you have to be level 65 or over. but yes you are correct indeed when you say they were unwisely shifted. to me they should just be re added back into where they used to be.. i'm sure the devs could do that. i also was at drozana earlier and…
  • i have to also put this on here. in relation to what the guy posted.. being a sto veteran and a lifetime subscriber. i would love love to see all those past arc/episodes that used to be in sto re added to the game. i realise that a lot of them needed to be remastered and freshened up however saying that. it has now been a…