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BUG Master Relaxer Accolade: who started Pavyl prior to Apr 2017

strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 2,296 Bug Hunter
So I wanted to put this out there with all the updated and confirmed status, for my single toon that is unable to earn the Master Relaxer Accolade.

Note: Toons that started Pavyl's Game prior to Lighting 2.0 changes in Apr 2017, often can't find Pavyl.

Realize originally, he only came out at Night or when Campfires were burning. Yet sometime following the Lighting 2.0 changes, it was changed so he could be found any time.
  1. Completed: Accolade Catch Me If Toucan, from the High Level Bridge, and Cave Location was done.
  2. Yet Pavyl isn't at the beach resort location spawn site, and can't find him under the Archway either.
  3. I've also checked the far Lighthouse location, where he spawns next, and even the Final Cave site; and yet is at Neither nor the Beach Resort.

I've seen a few people claim that those who started prior to Lighting 2.0 changes, many can't locate or find Pavyl. Yet all my new toons have no problem, just my main seems unable to complete as he likely started earlier.
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  • darthnovawavedarthnovawave Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    I have this same issue, and my affected character was definitely created and started the quest chain prior to the Lighting 2.0 change. I have another character that is even older than the affected one that I never used for the Risa event that doesn't seem to be affected (at least initially). I keep hoping every year they will resolve this (and I post bug reports annually about it), but so far no dice. I'd settle for completely restarting the chain or even all Risa accolades on the toon if it would be an option. Not being able to finish the main accolade chain irks me every time I think of the summer event.
  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 2,296 Bug Hunter
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    Maybe one day they will, this only effects my MAIN named Fed ENG. All others it doesn't seem to apply to.
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  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 2,296 Bug Hunter
    edited July 17
    Yea, I'd also settle for restarting it, even if accolades are already earned. Given the only reason to restart is to earn those that are missing, so perhaps you can buy your DOFF for Risa.


    Fingers crossed one day it be fixed.

    NOTE: Even after you finish Master Relaxer Payvl is suppose to still be there, just doesn't give more missions with a popup. That's what my other female has show below for example. So here's the screenshot showing my main standing where he should be, and he should be a bit to my left. I've also checked all 4 hideouts and he's at none of them sadly. :(
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  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 2,296 Bug Hunter
    Again this year I've checked on my MAIN toon, and checked all 4 locations where he hides. Nothing this year either.

    This seems to only effect a few people, perhaps why this isn't a priority. Still you'd think they could check if Pavyl spawns and if he doesn't and your missing 1-3 accolades, just have him award them--suggested by someone in a similar thread.

    As I show in the screenshot above, my female toon saw no Popup to get mission; however I realized afterward she already earned all 4 accolades, including Master Relaxer and still he spawns. Unlike what happens for my Main, and he's not in any of the 4 hiding spots either as several others will confirm.
  • sirk7sirk7 Member Posts: 1 New User
    edited July 25
    Same problem here.

    Character Name: One.
    Faction: Romulan, affiliated with federation.
    Race: Liberated Borg.
    Career: Science

    Situation: Finished Pavyl's minigame with all my characters, EXCEPT this one. As a matter of fact, I earned the Master Relaxer accolade on all of them. That's 18 completions. I KNOW where Pavyl is supposed to be.

    Pavyl DOES NOT APPEAR AT ALL for this character. Anywhere.
    First Accolade is acquired: Catch Me If Toucan.
    Pavyl is not on the beach, as a mission-giver.
    No in-progress mission in mission log.
    Pavyl is NOT on ANY of the 4 spots of the missions. Also not to be found deeper in any of the 2 caves. Also not on any of the other 2 stone arches. Also not anywhere ELSE near the lighthouse.

    Basically, Pavyl is not on the resort.

    I even tried to find him on the "normal" Risia map, thinking there might be some data corruption on the character file stored by STO, which forced the NPC into the "wrong" Risia-Map. He is not there either.

    I'm fresh out of ideas, really.

    I cannot for the life of me say whether or not this has anything to do with lighting 2.0 , but wouldn't be surprised.
  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 2,296 Bug Hunter
    One of the DEVs in another thread said he logged the ticket after copying someone character to their test environment to investigate a fix. No timeline on how long it may take but nice they've at least logged it. Maybe this will be corrected for next year.
  • darthnovawavedarthnovawave Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    That would be great news if they can chase this even if a fix doesn't come until next year. An accolade and the unlock for purchasing a few special duty officers may not be game breaking, but it is a downer to have a character you've invested maybe hundreds of hours in to not be able to do something so simple year after year.
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