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NO DILLITHIUM REWARDED for 3 Days after Fastest Game On ICE

downdiggerdowndigger Member Posts: 52 Arc User
edited April 2020 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
This is 3 days now I have not been awarded any reward for doing the Fastest game on ice I have 3 Dillithium Ore Boxes that I can not open or use WTF~?

see picture attachedhttps://photos.app.goo.gl/mAXRPRnKn651vuBK8
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  • downdiggerdowndigger Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    edited April 2020
    @coldnapalm I have many accounts and each of them rewards me with the Dillithium 25.000 after doing the Fastest Game on Ice winter event re run 2020. ... and I ONLY have issues with my MAIN account. I have been Playing since 2013 so, I know what is what and I know what I am talking about. This post is for the Devs ... GM's ... Programmers, and anyone else at Cryptic to fulfill the request to post to the forms since I was told to do so from my responses to my Submitted tickets!
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  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,481 Arc User
    You will not get an answer in here by the Devs. Players attempt to help out if they can. Since you indicate that you have many Accounts rolling in the Dilithium each day and Dilitium Boxes are NOT the norm for awarding it, is it possible this Account has reached the Account Unrefined Limit and that is why they are awarding Boxes?
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  • captaincelestialcaptaincelestial Member Posts: 1,914 Arc User
    I was awarded a 25k Dilithium box on my level 36 Ferasan, and he can't use it (it refuses to open in Winter's Wonderland and out in sector space.

    I was able to get the dilithium directly to another character of mine in the same account. There's definitely a glitch.

    As for the Support forum, I when I reported that my Jem'Hadar couldn't use the Shuttle transport in the Shuttlebay of the ESD to go to the Academy, and the Contact Duty Officer consoles were deactivated (not lit up, not showing the UI/button for CDO), they recommended posting in the Support Forum.

    In the off chance that a Dev might see it. That's as far as it went.

    Considering that they no longer give you Support Ticket numbers and all that, so there's no more tracking of the issues.... *sigh* as well as no more bug report Support Tickets, it makes it feel meaningless to even try to report anything.
  • leemwatsonleemwatson Member Posts: 4,643 Arc User
    This is also happening on XBOX too.
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  • downdiggerdowndigger Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    So I was told that the DEV's are aware of this and I should wait for them to get back to me ... I doubt I'll see anything coming down the pipe sad really 250.000 dillithium would have helped in the upgrades last week ... felling way past disappointment.
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