[humorous complaint] Where is my playable Tactical Cube, darn it?!

I mean seriously -- Borg lockbox... nifty looking Borg ship... but no playable Tactical Cube. I mean that'd be perfect for the Lobi store, make it 1800 Lobi and give it the old "invisible seven-digit WTF-crit" torpedo from one of the broken iterations of Conduit.

Or is it going to be a R&D pack gimme? I mean I already have 999 stacks of 999 of literally every crafting material ever and nothing left worth crafting but I'm SURE if you put a playable Tactical Cube in the R&D packs I will buy more -- 'cause I'm an idiot.

Come on, Devs. Work with me here. It's the biggest most OP and obnoxious ship EVER. Exactly the kind of thing that people would spend criminal amounts of money to acquire. THINK of the profits!


  • where2r1
    where2r1 Member Posts: 6,054 Arc User
    LOL! You sound like my Fleet Leader. He wanted a cube or sphere. Not this....what ever it is.
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  • saber1973a
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    The Tactical Cube will be put in R&D promotional boxes :p
    And the people who will get will complain, that they do not know which side is front :D
  • gaevsman
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    The only cube i want is the actual lockbox ship... a cube ship shaped like a lockbox, what else can i need??
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