1600 Mouse clicks Every week !

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Gentleman we need an Change to the INTERN MAIL CONSOLE
1600 mouse clicks sensless every week
thats a failure in Programming Knowledge !
and a KICK in the Tribbels for us , the paying users...

The case is , that we have to get all Items out every week
from the next MAIL Console in the Game
because the Exchange system is dropping all items out

to get it out we have not only to hit the mouse and click the mail with the item
NO we have also to say YES we wanna get this item out

ok we get 40 Items every week back from the exchange

and we have to click every item 2 times that are 80 clicks for one character

ok if an user has 20 character (yes we had put some money in the game RIGHT ! )

then we have to hit the mouse arrow on the right field and hit 1600 times
the right field with a jumping around mouse arrow.....

gentleman ....that is

thats just a lousy style to let us do that every week !

so pls

give us a BUTTON in the ingame MAIL System
right into the inventory


  • snowwolf#0563
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    Uh, what?
  • legendarylycan#5411
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    he's asking for a 'take all' button for expired exchange mails...and yes, that is something sorely needed​​
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  • grendelthewise#0990
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    I agree to a point on this. Alot of upgrades need to be done. Updating the mail UI is not a priority in my eyes
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  • toraknu
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    gentleman ...its time again ...all is in the mail .....again 1600 mouseclicks and sensless moves

    how can we get a RESPONSE from an Admin that he gives that idea
    or call it a XMAS WISH !!!! to an Designer or somebody wich has the to do list !

    i like to send it on to badmoon...
    on the hope that this is the fast way to get this wish up
    and i risk to alert him

    in the hope that this will be delivert and this 1600 clics every week
    will stop by a little new button in the HUD .

    what does that teaching guy said on the ITIL workshops....

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