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Something missing from Discovery content for Discovery characters

pweistheworstpweistheworst Member Posts: 985 Arc User
I decided to make a Discovery character since I wanted to try out the new content that was built around starting a new Discovery era/universe character. However, there is one big thing missing in terms of player immersion:

After the initial missions there is no way to get more Discovery era bridge officers.

Sure, you can get regular bridge officers and dress them in Discovery uniforms, but the icons are different on the character status screen, which draws my attention to the fact that the other bridge officers are NOT from the Discovery era.

The whole idea with this content is that your Discovery era crew comes with you in the game, so from a player immersion/lore perspective I want to be able to make my entire bridge crew Discovery era bridge officers.

Devs: please give Discovery era captains a way to recruit/purchase more Discovery era bridge officers ... similar to the way that 23rd century bridge officers purchased from the K-13 store display as 23-century bridge officers and not standard bridge officers.
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  • tousseautousseau Member Posts: 1,482 Arc User
    And Dsc era Andorians as a playable race...
  • garaks31garaks31 Member Posts: 2,771 Arc User
    i guess the bo's will come in a new fleet holding like for aoy
  • foxspirit13foxspirit13 Member Posts: 75 Arc User
    My biggest complain about DSC playthrough is that we can't be Andorians. It seems like a big oversight, considering that Andorians are a part of the Fed at that point in their reality.
  • artan42artan42 Member Posts: 10,383 Bug Hunter
    My biggest complain about DSC playthrough is that we can't be Andorians. It seems like a big oversight, considering that Andorians are a part of the Fed at that point in their reality.

    DSC is the same reality as the rest of the franchise baring the KT films (except obviously the prologue and Spocks furure) and Andorians have been a part of the Federation since the flash forward in ENT.
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  • captainwellscaptainwells Member Posts: 600 Arc User
    I'm not a fan of Discovery, but I've tried to give it a fair shot despite that. I've seen a lot of the episodes and I've played the new content offered in STO.

    I mostly feel a disconnect with it on the game, given how tacked on the content seems to be for several of the reasons cited here. I have no idea whether a fleet holding centered upon Discovery will happen or not and they've not said anything about adding bridge officers from that era or expanding the race choices for Disco. I for one had intended to do one of the redesigned Andorians as my Discovery Captain, until the reveal that this was not possible.

    So I chose human and after getting bounced into the games regular era following the truncated Age of Discovery missions; I lost interest and deleted that toon. Until and/or unless additional races are offered in character creator for AoD/MoD, then I probably see no benefit to having another toon just for these new missions?
  • jandraelunejandraelune Member Posts: 100 Arc User
    DSC captains are the only ones that at the end of the Tut they are not lvl 10 which puts them behind the rest. They get put into the Mirror of Discovery missions right off with the same ship from the Tut but those missions assume you have a far higher lvl char and a different ship.

    As for missing content, the same can be said for the TOS start. Once done with the Tut you can not select TOS versions of ships free even though they ARE there.
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