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Looking for a new graphics card

I would like to update the graphics card in my computer and would like your feedback on what to get. I really have no idea what the best cards are. I notice a lag in STO when I am in a space environment with a lot of background scenery. Anyway, I would appreciate any ideas you can throw my way. I am not sure what card I have now but down in the tool bar by the clock I have a little icon that says "Intel HD graphics."


  • ekypyrosekypyros Member Posts: 176 Arc User
    edited January 22
    You should buy a Nvidia GFX Card
    Cos Ati /AMD better but not Real Supported by Game Industry !
    Also in STO it runs better with a Nvdia card

    and Intel HD graphics is total weak !! ;)
    I hope i can help you ;)
  • centaurianalphacentaurianalpha Member Posts: 1,142 Arc User
    Sector-space lag is a combination of 'net traffic and server load, not necessarily solved by graphics upgrade. More & faser gfx memory is a help for the rest of the game, though, and I agree this time that NVidia rocks the game graphics...
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