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STO ATE 2,000,000 DILITHIUM -.- Part II (Resolution)

I mostly only start threads when I have something to ask, or to grumble about, but since a mod closed the previous thread (https://arcgames.com/en/forums/startrekonline#/discussion/1245829/sto-ate-2-000-000-dilithium/p1) - it was devolving, I figured I should start a new one to note the resolution.

After some back and forth with Support - I was able to supply a screenshot showing the Exchange transaction log and the Chat log, I eventually received an email saying my refined dilithium had been refunded. While I'm most appreciative of that, there is oh a wee problem still. The problem occurred with my Alpha 001 toon, while the dilithium was refunded to my Agricola 001 toon - not an insurmountable issue by any means. A slightly more noteworthy error is that while I lost about 2,000,000 dilithium I believe I was refunded something like oh 9,500,000 refined dilithium. I really don't know what the toon had yesterday - I'm guessing maybe 500,000 yet when I logged in the toon had hit the cap so I'm thinking they returned a little too much!!! While I've contact Support again, if they decide not to correct the refund I'm all good.



  • avoozuulavoozuul Member Posts: 3,021 Arc User
    Damn, I wish I had done this when I made a similar mistake.
  • forcemajeureforcemajeure Member Posts: 208 Arc User
    The previous thread devolved because a small number of people didn't pay much attention to the relevant facts, and instead focussed on things like "it was your own fault, nobody should have 10 mil dil anyway, if you had 10 mil dil you are obviously a cheater or market manipulator and so deserved it", or "well I knew about the limit so you should have too, and lets ignore the UI problem because hey, it's not *my* dil that disappeared".

    Giving those people more info to get mixed up about seems unwise. Personally, I would have checked all balances on my account thoroughly to make sure it was new, incoming Dil (not somehow shifted from elsewhere on my account), thanked support, informed them of the overage, and left it for them to sort out.

    My own issue was resolved accurately and politely.
  • w00qw00q Member Posts: 121 Arc User
    GOOD to hear that PWE was helpful ;)
  • darkbladejkdarkbladejk Member Posts: 3,326 Community Moderator
    Since the last thread was closed I would normally have to hit this one for circumventing a closure. This time however I'm going to let it slide as long as it stays civil. with that said I'm glad you had a happy resolution.
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