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reputation bug is still going on since VIL launched

americanbamf#5789 americanbamf Member Posts: 90 Arc User
edited September 2018 in PS4 Gameplay Bug Reports
the same bug thats been going on since the launch of vil content and has yet to be fixed its annoying that i have to log out of game and relog again to same character just to be able to add to my reputation projects is carzy and needs to be solved . only ways aroud it is i have to relog or transwarp to a fleet base of some sort mostly the star base works but sometimes that dont help i run across it almost every other day if not daily needs to be fixed with a patch it prevents me from being able to contribute to reputation projects andd kinda locks me out until i do one of the few methods i know of as a work around .

side note here is this : i keep getting a hard freeze followed by a error code of Disconnection happens way to often and it to should be looked into as well . i mean do you devs actually read these if you do you need to do your jobs and fix them before our next big update well before then i would hope


  • skullblits#4627 skullblits Member Posts: 1,273 Arc User
    Have you tried going into earth space Dock to do them?

    Also I believe sitting down on a bench let's you do it.
  • garaks31garaks31 Member Posts: 2,827 Arc User
    launcher optns on demand patch off , in game change instance if rep prob. beginns ,esd instnce change doesn't work corrently!!
  • alfred#7355 alfred Member Posts: 15 Arc User
    The reputation tree is still broken on PS4. BS. Workarounds like inside, outside DS9 or ESD dont work for me anymore. Please fix! This is really annoying!
  • postagepaidpostagepaid Member Posts: 2,870 Arc User
    In another thread a dev commented it would take about three weeks to get sorted and that was if they put other stuff on the back burner to work on it.

    Kind of tragic when reps are one of the core things in the game.

    Queue joining has also been borked for far too long. Trying to join the hive onslaught for the endeavour and either getting no option to join when it pops or actually putting me into the elachi alert when the only one queued for was the hive onslaught.

    This will become a real chore with the upcoming back to back 3 week events if they don't fix it by then.
  • flimjam#3426 flimjam Member Posts: 65 Arc User
    Since the last update, I haven't had a single problem with reputations. Thanks for fixing it.
  • americanbamf#5789 americanbamf Member Posts: 90 Arc User
    edited September 2018
    it still a issue just not as bad as before it does seem to have improved i just hope they have it sorted out completely before they give us all T6 Reputations
  • tmghost7729#8985 tmghost7729 Member Posts: 455 Arc User
    It is fixed now since the last update. No one reported any issues since the patch that fixed it.
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