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PvP Bootcamp Tournament

maxprangemaxprange Member Posts: 65 Arc User
Hello PvP Community!

It has been a year since we've had a large-scale arranged game or tournament. Now is your chance to participate in this tournament regardless your skill level. This is a PvP Bootcamp tournament which means Mentors, Veterans and Adept players will be participating. (Note: Trolling & Drama will not be allowed)

This idea is fresh and coming about. We want to organize a fun and friendly game for all regardless of Fleet and Skill Level in hopes of bringing the PvP Community together as a whole.

Rules: (After a long discussion with other members, it was decided that Walker console and other current items should be allowed as to familiarize new players with the current PvP meta.
- No more 3 professions per team
- No more than 2 cloaked vapers per team
- No more than 3 of same fleet allowed per team (No premades - Teams will be arranged fairly)
- Voice Comm is required (Discord)

Now to sign up:

- To signup, I need your @handle, which class you will be participating with (Sci, Eng, Tac), your skill level (Beginner, Adept or Veteran) & whether you are able to team call since this will be organized PvP. (Be honest on this part for proper team setup)
- Example: @CerberusRPG /Tac/Veteran/Can Team Call

There will be skirmish games leading up to the tournament that will occur Saturdays starting on 4.7.2018 @ 3PM EST (9PM Germany)
All participants should be able to attend their respective team's weekly practice games in order to secure a spot on tournament team.

We are hoping many can attend this event to promote the PvP aspect of Star Trek Online! Please ignore any off topic posts or PvP flaming in this thread and signup with the above information - @handle/Profession/Skill Level/Team Call ability

There is a STO PVP Discord that will be used for these games https://discord.gg/mvwXNfZ

For more info contact me: @CerberusRPG (in-game), Janus#9665 (Discord)

Note: This post will be updated regularly as more signup.

Thank you!

- @CerberusRPG /Tac/Veteran/can team call
- @Dxxdavid /Sci/Veteran/can team call
- @scrdr /Sci/Veteran/can team call
- @sovereign2727 /Tac/Veteran/can team call
- @nixtux /Tac/Veteran/prefer not to call
- @dragon1408 /Sci/Veteran/can team call


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