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Lobi Ships

fred26291#2759 fred26291 Member Posts: 1,058 Arc User
I considered getting a lobi ship,
900 lobi crystal divided by 10 per r&d box = 90 boxes,
90 boxes x 300 zen= 27000 zen,
27000 zen / 10 = $270 - the most expensive single ship on the c store is between 30 and 50. not 270.
somethings wrong with the math or we need better ways to get lobi crystals. cause there no way on gods given earth i can afford 270.00 for a single solitary cruiser. keep them if you wanna be that greedy.
otherwise tone down the lobi costs to be more consistent with the c-store.
5000 zen divided by 300 zen per r&d box x 10 lobi crystals. 166 lobi crystals per ship. far more reasonable than 27000 zen for 900 lobi crystals. good luck with that one. maybee the rich people can afford that but the rest of us CANT. and some of the rest of us consider getting stuff from time to time when we can afford it once a year, and this is the cost. keep the fancy ships, i will keep getting stuff from the c store, thanks anyway.


  • tom61stotom61sto Member Posts: 3,465 Arc User
    Take a third option, and buy stuff to sell on the Exchange for EC, then buy the Lobi ship you want from someone that's selling it on the Exchange for EC. Right now The 'Promotion!' packs for the tiny, tiny chance of getting the Prime-timeline T6 Connie (or D7 or T'Liss) are likely driving down the prices of Lobi ships as people buy tons and tons of those boxes and end up with 10 Lobi ~99% of the time. Which means, you can buy Master Keys or the 'Promotion!' packs to sell for EC(check which one gives you the most EC per Zen), and then use that to grab the Lobi ship you want. You can even off-set the cost a bit if you're willing to grind EC.

    Only things Bound to Character that I know of in the Lobi store are consoles and weapons, with the rest being tradeable on the Exchange.
  • garaks31garaks31 Member Posts: 2,827 Arc User
    edited June 2017
    lobi ships are like 200m on the exc. and thats +/- 40 keys. researching before grouch ...
  • captainrebel78#5049 captainrebel78 Member Posts: 54 Arc User
    I would be nice (if you have already used God knows how many Lobi crystals on other toons) to be able to claim those ships if you have another toon under the same faction. However, I guess they don't want that to happen so the money can keep rolling in.
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