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Starbase 24 Level Scaling Bug

emerald381emerald381 Member Posts: 46 Arc User
Hello. I just ran a random PUG for Starbase 24 from the PvE menu. All of the enemies were scaled to -55 below the level listed in the upper left corner of the screen (which showed Fleet Admiral 60). The players were definitely not scaled down to -55 level, as my tooltips showed values consistent with level 60 (+ all enemy ships were just vaporized in essentially one shot).


  • bluejaye1bluejaye1 Member Posts: 77 Arc User
  • mattaukettmattaukett Member Posts: 190 Arc User
    Big Dig and Gorn Minefield are both doing it as well (so it seems like it's occurring to all the original fleet actions). Seems like the mission is scaling to whatever level it was originally designed to be but then not scaling players to the required levels.

    If this is working the way I think it is, it means that we're now getting one instance of the mission for players of all levels (so better chance of it popping which is good, given how hard it can be to start these) instead of , but also means all the level 60 players will be killing everything with one shot (literally).
  • bluejaye1bluejaye1 Member Posts: 77 Arc User
    I see no mention of this on today's patch notes as either changed or acknowledged as a bug.
    Does that mean they intentionally set up the queue to TRIBBLE around with players the way it does?

    Also, has anyone seen or heard anything offically regarding this issue?
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