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[Console] New Multi-Mission Exploration Bundle and the Lack of Vulcan Love

So perusing the console news I see something that both set my heart a flutter... and garnered all of my rage. I see the most wondrous looking Taenen, Galas and Surhuelh... Romulan ships that could have been Vulcan. >,< Is this as close, and as far, as new Vulcan designs are getting? A Romulan ship? To say I have not the necessary count of tables to flip is an understatement. I even raided my neighbor's house to flip all of their tables and all the tables at work! Rant aside, I love how they look... just a damn, dirty shame they had to be Romulan.


  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 10,042 Arc User
    It's Reunification time! Create an Alien race Romulan, give him Vulcan features and name him T'Spock.
  • lianthelialianthelia Member Posts: 7,730 Arc User
    Well they introduced a second Caitain vessel recently so maybe there is a chance of a new Vulcan ship some day...they said they were planning to make a second Vulcan vessel after they launched the Andorian escorts along with some other racial vessels but nothing came of it.

    So like a lot of things it's pretty much up in the air no one knows but Cryptic...
  • saber1973asaber1973a Member Posts: 1,221 Arc User
    Vulcan is part of Federation.
    Creating new separate Vulcan ships would be proably... unlogical.
    Better help in designing better Federation ships. B)
  • byozuma#0956 byozuma Member Posts: 502 Arc User
    Spelling and grammatical errors aside, you are aware of the D'Kyr that sometimes appears in the Sol system in station-keeping near Spacedock, right? And while arguably canon to the Prime timeline, Spock's ship in the Abram's reboot wasn't your standard Starfleet 'hull and nacelles' shuttle. The Vulcans never stopped making ships in their own unique aesthetic, it's just that the Vulcans have never been the focus of a series. It's always been a Starfleet captain, most often a human one. Star Trek writers need to read up on IDIC, from the sound of it.
  • saber1973asaber1973a Member Posts: 1,221 Arc User
    I'm not true Trekkie, so i don't really know, but i always thought, that D'Kyr was actually older, pre-federation design, that is just a leftover of older era - toogether with Andorian Kumari Escort and that NX replica.
    And about spelling and gramar errors... English is not my firsts or even third langauge, so... don't make too much fuss about it - okay?
  • tyler002tyler002 Member Posts: 1,586 Arc User
    It is a pre-Federation, assuming the STO one isn't a replica like the NX.

    Canon has shown member races still have some ships of their own, but I don't think it was ever specified whether they continue to design new ships more after joining or just keep what they already had.
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