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GameClient.exe stops responding when trying to login particular toons

This sounded like an issue that was reported previously but now seems to be affecting me :( This first started to me this evening when running the daily omega on my main [email protected] I got the mission along with the academy mission - finished that one first as I usually do. Beamed out to sector and moved to Wolf359 space, scanned that omega, and then immediately transwarped to starbase 39 space and scanned that one, then I immediately again transwarped using the featured mission dialog back to ESD for the last omega scans, and the troubles started up. The screen drew but then seized up I was on instance 20 I believe and the time was 11:59 CST. I was still able to login other toons, to ESD even, and so completed my dailies on the other toons but after multiple failed attempts to log back into my main I tried logging into an alt on ESD and changed instances with the same result, for a while I was unable to login to either toon. Somehow I was able to log back into my main and complete my scan and turn in, but I was still not able to log back into the other alt "Juno".

This sounds similar to other threads but there is quite a bit of discussion not related to this particular problem - or at least different symptoms of it. Each time GameClient.exe stops responding. Most of the time the screen will draw and other times freezes at various degrees of loading. I typically play everyday and do not recall running into this particular problem.

I have reduced file streaming = on and for the loader on demand patching = off. I have had recently run into various crashing issues so am currently playing with graphics turned all the way down - I have an older graphics card and thought it might have been going out. That seemed to help the other crashing at least... maybe just lucky or just unlucky I don't know... If there is any thought of what might help I'd appreciate suggestions not already mentioned!


  • codewarrior316codewarrior316 Member Posts: 53 Arc User
    I thought I saw some patching, but maybe that was just a file check or pre-patching not sure. In any case no issues this evening! *knocks on wood* hope the trend continues
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