Disable R&D XP projects for maxed R&D schools

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I just noticed I still have the R&D XP project available for beams even though the school is already at level 20. Why? Its useless now that I can't gain any more beams XP. It should go away when the school is max level.
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    Gotta agree with this. There is no reason to allow research projects to be slotted once a school hits 20. With the lag some of us have been getting, along side the *bug that the R&D window has and I've actually slotted research projects for schools that are done. Once a school is lvl 20, the research project needs to go away.

    *The bug I'm referring to is possibly latency related or perhaps it actually is a bug, I've never found out officially one way or the other. You start a project in one school (lets say Cannons) and then for your next project you click on a different school (Engineering) and sometimes the projects stay with the old school or switch to a totally different one (Beams is most common for me).
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    It's a bug. No matter how long you wait, you'll be staring at beams until you close the ui or start clicking all the other schools. It's really annoying.
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    +1 supporting this Idea.
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    or make it like rep max d&r can print a page for other toons r&d's ...