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Ask Cryptic: September 2012 - Submit Your Questions, Please!



  • stevehalestevehale Member Posts: 437
    edited August 2012
    What's the deal with these "Cryptic Launcher Autoupdate" issues? There's more information in the PC Tech Help Forum.
    Foundry: Yet Another Borg Mission
    It's terrible but easy, and these Borg are way cooler than the mess STO and Voyager left us.
    May not actually be "way" cooler or even "slightly" cooler.
  • iamnotxdevnulliamnotxdevnull Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Would it be possible to release the kind of resources needed for fleet bases as they level up? Some of the information is out there, but some of it is catching people by surprise and irritating fleet members. I mention this specifically because we are doing the hated bartender mission and it is taking forever to collect Romulan Ale and Dosi Rotgut - two things that people have probably been throwing into the matter recycler on a regular basis for a long time. It would be nice to know ahead of time what to hang on to up through Tier V (like what the chef is going to want) without filling up our banks with junk.
  • daharmasterklagdaharmasterklag Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Since the launch of STO the only faction I play, spend money on, or care about in any way is the KDF. The KDF faction lacks in every area of the game one can imagine IMNSHO.
    So... my question is simply this.. what are you doing to develop the KDF right now and what, if anything, will be happening for the KDF before the end of the year?

  • dfawkesdfawkes Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Are new items on the C-Store made just a little more expensive than the Gold member stipend specifically to get those members spending more money?
  • mgmirkin426mgmirkin426 Member Posts: 164 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    3. Will STF rewards ever be made less random? Can the days of hunting for that last piece of prototype salvage be over?

    Moreover, could the prototype shield/engine/deflector tech be "slightly" smarter drops, insofar as no more than two of each UNTIL BOTH sets have been [or could have been] created by the player? That is, it would be kind of nice if it could somehow kind of "make sure" we get our COMPLETE two sets (MACO/Omega HonorGuard/Omega) BEFORE it starts giving us multiples of the SAME thing?

    Granted, I seem to recall that the specific shield/engine/deflector drop depends on WHICH STF one does, so people do ALL the STFs and not just one. But I think that's kind of silly too... Perhaps that could/should change too and the drops simply become a semi-random drop until you get enough pieces to purchase both sets of gear after which point it becomes a truly random drop.

    Just thinking out loud...
  • nveknvek Member Posts: 80 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Ever thought of Doing a Breen outfit like what The Bridge officer wears? and it could even be used as an EVA suit! and Any chance we`ll see a Flyable Scorpion Fighter That The Player can use?:D
  • sumghaisumghai Member Posts: 1,072 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    1) Will we see additional BOff species (e.g. Romulan, Reman, Cardassian) options, both male and female, for all career paths (Tac, Eng, Sci)?

    2) What plans does Cryptic have regarding customisable ship interiors, including canon ones (e.g. Intrepid for Voyager), as per the following discussion?

    3) Will we be able to change the uniforms of the NPC crew wandering the hallways of our ships, as well as specify gender and species proportions (to allow people to have an all-Andorian or an all-Caitian crew, for instance) ?

    4) Nice work with the 550 Zen account-wide unlock of the latest costumes. When can we expect this for the canon EV suits too, or at least sell it as a five-suit bundle to permit equipping of away teams for a future Tholian FE series?

    5) Will Cryptic consider allowing players to pay for reconfiguring their BOff station slots for their ships?

    6) Will we be to get additional BOff costume slots?
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  • crypticarmsmancrypticarmsman Member Posts: 3,633 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Will the longstanding (and oft commented on over the past year) bugs like:

    - having the "Borg Red Alert" buttom pop up; user clicks, and immediately gets transfered to a finished/empty Borg Red Alert instance (This really became noticable after the Season 5 launch)


    - The fact that the Ambassador Jiro NPC NEVER offers "Diplomatic First Contact" mission EVER to a lot of players (even when they were of the proper diplomatic rank - and were getting the missions offered prior to the launch of Season 4 last year.)

    EVER be fixed?

    (And over the past year I've personally reported BOTH many times - but these two issues continue to this day and as I stated have been commented on many times over the past months with no real response from the STO QA or Dev team.)
    Formerly known as Armsman from June 2008 to June 20, 2012
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  • craigsam13craigsam13 Member Posts: 27 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    What is the status of switching characters without having to logout and log back in again?
  • rtk142rtk142 Member Posts: 613 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    sumghai wrote: »
    1) Will we see additional BOff species (e.g. Romulan, Reman, Cardassian) options, both male and female, for all career paths (Tac, Eng, Sci)?

    While I want a playable Romulan faction AT LEAST on par with the KDF, I would buy the hell out of Romulan bridge officers, at least one for each of my seven characters. I'd probably even be convinced to pick up at least one Cardie too. Can this happen?
    Let us upgrade the Seleya Ceremonial Lirpa and Kri'stak Blade
  • athourstathourst Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Any plans on adding in Lab Coats?
  • ussboleynussboleyn Member Posts: 597 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Can we plase have an alternative method of obtaining proto-type Borg tech (MK XII MACO, Omega and Honor Guard sets) other than random luck.

    The MK XII sets should be in the STF Vendor store for EDC just like the MK X and MK XI versions...

  • thlaylierahthlaylierah Member Posts: 2,962 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Can we get level 50 and over Fleet Alert missions or level specific missions to eliminate fail PUGs due to lower ranking ships?

    Can we get better targeting or even better a customizable targeting array so we can select what we auto-target like "Small to Large, Front Arc" instead of the current default of "Largest Most Undamageable, Always Rear Arc?"

    Can we get Tractor Beam Repulsors disabled in these Fleet missions so enemies aren't pushed out of AOE?
  • harbinger242harbinger242 Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    1. When will I be able to heal my bridge officers and captain in my own ships sick bay? Seems like kind of a waste to have a sick bay that nobody can use except injured duty officers. Bruised ribs? Okay, well, lets go all the way to a starbase, forget the sick bay.

    2. When are you going to fix the god awful interface navigation? Having to go 4 layers down to fix a "Hull Breach", then exit those layers in the middle of an elite STF is annoying. Try healing an injured bridge officer, click the button to heal, and you get another pop up menu where you have to reselect the injured bridge officer, click heal again, get another menu, click heal again, and confirm.

    3. When will the KDF side be more than just an after thought?

    4. When will you stop crapping out 2000 Zen ship rehashes and fix the basic items that are flawed with this game?

    5. When will it be worth it to become a Gold member again? $15 a month to get a pet monkey in 2 years, I have no idea why more people don't go Gold.
  • flazizlle0flazizlle0 Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Are you in the process of creating any factions. If so will we see fleet starbases with these new factions when they're released.
  • mattachinemattachine Member Posts: 490 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    When will ve see the skants in the game. First of all the TNG Season 1 version. But then as an alternative for all Fed uniforms just like female skirts comes in various versions.

    When will we see the Duras sisters' skirts for the KDF side?

    Why can't purchase of a playable species unlock those special species geometry and textures for the Alien creator, when it is possible in Champions Online?

    How come the visors on the helmets aren't see through like they can be, also seen in Champions Online?

    When will the Fleet Events Calendar be properly fixed so dates and times don't change from what it put in to the UI when you click submit?

    When will we see more Admiral uniforms and Dress uniforms from the series made available in game?
  • aaronh42aaronh42 Member Posts: 291 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    So, what's going on with those wacky Andorians?
  • savingjsavingj Member Posts: 126 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Any idea when pvp will get some love? Hopefully, before the end of the year?
  • ramarblackhandramarblackhand Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    I know there have been hints toward the romulans being in game so will they be a faction with there own story line and ships or will the be another race that can join the two factions that we already have?
  • matteo716maikaimatteo716maikai Member Posts: 823
    edited August 2012
    So.... how soon can we expect to hear more about the pvp changes that are coming? How soon can we expect to test the new pvp map you've been mentioning thats been made?
  • bloctoadbloctoad Member Posts: 660 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    When are we going to see KDF content packs with:

    Captain Klaa set
    General Chang set
    Chancellor Gorkon set
    Azetbur set
    Rura Penthe commandant set
    d'k tahg as a KDF uniform accessory
    Lursa and B'Etor skirts
    Authentic TOS Klingon option for KDF Klingons

    Or are you going to continue to Stahl the content? I have money. Give me a reason to spend it.
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  • captwilhelmcaptwilhelm Member Posts: 99 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    1)By now the game has several itens that were distributed os very special occasions, like the veteran boff, some lock boxes ships etc and are not available anymore. Is there plans to provide new opportunities for those who were not lucky enough to get these itens?

    2)Season 7 is being advertised as being history driven. Any plans to make connections between mission and the book "The Needs of Many?"
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  • aaronh42aaronh42 Member Posts: 291 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Any update on moving kit graphics to the costume editor?
  • the74throokiethe74throokie Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    One: I made a post about a weapon idea I had and was asked Vegas convention. What do you think of idea for Tetryon Torpedo?

    Two: about the crew bar below ship name in space, why not use those crew members to place the for system repairs in space or combat? Example would be on a ship of 1,000 crew like the Galaxy class I could have 200 crew working ships shields, 50 for medics to heal crew faster, 30 for weapon thermal venting to reduce cool down times, etc.

    Basically, this crew system would be set up like the Doff system and would strengthen a system to resist damage, and repair their assigned system faster after combat damage stops mid battle.

    Systems could be shields, life support, power transfer, hull repair, security for enemy boarding parties, weapons systems for reloads and faster cool downs, system repairs for ship damage heal over time without parts, and parts for instant repairs as they are now?

    3. Any chance we could manually dock our ships inside base like ESD or outside in shipyards via automated style in star trek 3 when enterprise comes home? Perhaps manually flying in to base to docking bay and walk to airlock to disembark and depart to undock?

    4. If number three is NO, then what about docking to airlock via shuttle pod like in Kirks ship inspection in star trek 2? Where we call shuttle from base, we fly it to base, and dock? In other words, less system resources and "taxi system" would take less code lines maybe?

    5.Mobile app for IPad, iPhone, or Android devices for managing inventories and doff missions for characters when logged out?

    6. 3D foundry possible to work like holodeck for creating and editing environment?

    7. Could we have a ship based holodeck for mission replays, that eliminate traveling to start point of the mission? Player goes to holodeck, clicks list, is transported/loaded to mission start. At end of mission, player returns to empty holodeck room to choose another or leave ship to resume other things.

    Thanks for the replies in advance!!!
  • sudonamisudonami Member Posts: 124 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Will we possibly have customizable parts for flagships? (the odyssey and bortasqu)
  • the74throokiethe74throokie Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Transporters: any chance we could use them manually via pop up screen to choose mission beam in points, beam in/out wounded/fresh Boffs during a mission?

    Maybe make it a skill where you level it up for starting out, you choose your beam in point for you and your crew, in highlighted areas to avoid beaming into a rock cliff or wall? Then as it levels, player can choose 2 beam in points for self and Boffs? It could max out to beam in player and all doffs in separately on ground maps, or instead choose turret beam in spots to lure away or distract enemies?
    I had a post on this called Transporters As A Skill but this is the shorter version of the post.

    One last thing... CAN WE HAVE A DEPLOY ALL BUTTON for bridge officer item beam downs like for turrets instead of clicking them one at a time? Thanks.
  • azurianstarazurianstar Member Posts: 6,985 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Will those DTNE Runner-Ups that had helped inspire the new ships, get somekind of acknowledgement for their contribution? Like getting the ships for free, or a unique title?

    Since the Regent is a refit of the Sovereign, will there be more "umph" to her so that she really is the +1 of the Sovereign?

    Any plans of an alternate way for Small Fleets to get to Tier 5 Starbases?

    Will the other STO ships make their way into the Foundry?
  • hamradio18hamradio18 Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Just one question:

    I have the Defiant Retrofit from before the game went Free-to-Play, and it was made a C-Store ship. Can you please tell me why I have to pay the full $20 or more dollars to get the fleet version? Because I think that is asking a bit much for people that have been playing this game for years to pay the full $20 or more dollars to get the fleet upgrade on just one character. So can you please make it so that I just have to pay the $5 dollars for the upgrade? Thanks!
    Playing since: Feb 2011.
  • dradymdradym Member Posts: 38 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    any chance to re-run some of the featured fleet projects so that new fleets could have access to them in the future?

    also, id like to express my desire to play a romulan, is there a petition i could sign to put my support into developing them?
  • captwinters1701captwinters1701 Member Posts: 1,515 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    What kind of timeline are we looking at for new STFs?
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