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Beginners Guide to Ship's Power 2.0



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    acejim wrote: »
    I have a question regarding Performance skillls. For example if I have 9 ranks (the maximum) on Shield Performance but I also have a console which is +5 shield performance. Would it stack or would I get no additional benefit as shield performance is already maxed out. In such a case, would it be better for me to only invest in 4 ranks on shield performance skill and use the console to get 9 ranks of shield performance?

    Sorry for taking so long to respond. I've been taking a break from the drama of the F2P testing.

    You have a misunderstanding of skill ranks and skill bonuses and ship equipment. Each rank in a skill will grant a certain amount of skill bonus per rank. Assuming the skill bonuses hasn't changed recently. Rank 1 in a skill add +18% skill bonus, rank 2 add another +18% (+36% tota), rank 3 add +18% (+56% total), rank 4 add +10% (+66% total), etc. Skill Bonus is the number that is directly affects Captain and Bridge Officer abilities and ship stats.

    Ship consoles and equipment add to skill bonus not still rank. From your example with Shield Performance of Rank 9 (+99% skill bonus) and a +5 Shield Performance from Ship Equipment, you will have a Shield Performance skill bonus total of +104% skill bonus. To answer you question, if you want to mini-max Shield Performance, you'll want 9 ranks in addition to any other Shiled Performance skill bonuses you can get.

    As to updating my Power Guide, I've been waiting until the new space skills changes set into place, more or less. It looks like the cement is almost set. So it looks like my updates will be coming soon.
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    Thanks for clarifying my question. I've been toying with the new skills using up lots of respecs...and yes...you are correct.

    I really appreciate your hard work for the community.

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    ok what are engineeres good for in shipwise same as tactical and science.
    are engineers mostly cruisers and tactcal for escorets?:)
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    My guide has been updated for the new space skills as they are on Holodeck. This update is still a bit of a work in progress. I need to double check my numbers and add to charts.
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    Slight update to the Weapon Subsystem section. Upon being prompted by some questions, it turn out that enhancer Power Transfer Rate via EPS Flow Regulator Engineering Consoles or via the Starship Electro-Plasma Systems captain skills does have a slight effect on weapon power during combat. The effect is slight due to weapons power being drain and restored so rapidly while weapons are firing. Even with PTR rates in the upper hundreds, it's effect was minimal. The net result was my weapon power not being totally bottomed out by 5 power units wih a large number of energy weapons firing.

    So I don't advice going all out to enhance your Power Transfer rate. It's just not worth it. Enhance your Power Transfer Rate because you want your power allocation changes to happen faster.
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    Thanks for this great guide.
    Nevertheless, I have a question about Weapons Power level.

    Right now I'm running a 6-beamed cruiser with standard 121 weapon power (100 profile plus console/abilities bonuses).
    This config result in my Weapon Power level going down to about 71 when firing a full broadside (121 -50 for the 6 beams fired).
    So far so good.

    Then come the Emergency Power to Weapons Boff abilities. I know Weapons Power is capped at 125, so, when using EPW 1 (+15 Weapons power level), which one is the correct scenario?:

    - Base power 121, then add +15 power, resulting in 125 (hard-capped), and then -50 for the broadside, resulting in 6 beams firing at 75 Weapon power.
    - Base power 121, drained by -50 for the broadside to 71, but then adding the +15 from EPW, resulting in 6 beams firing at 86 Weapon power.

    Both options are radically different, so it'll be very handy to know which one is the correct one for planning future upgrades.


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    I'll answer to myself, and also I hope this info can help someone else.

    After testing it ingame yesterday, I found that, as of the current patch, the correct scenario is the second one.

    The 125 Power Limit is only enforced as a soft cap, but using EPTW or any other Energy enhacing abilities (like MACO shield proc or EPS Power Transfer) are being taken into account when calculating weapon power drain, even if that pushes your power pool above 125.

    So If I already have 125 power, and then I activate EPTW 1, I still have 125 max weapon power, but weapon draining is calculate on a 140 power base, (so firing 6 beam weapons results in 125 + 15 -50 = 90 Weapon Power when fully drained).


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    Sorry for responding earlier @lokkenjp. Been busy at work and not in the mode to play STO after I get home.

    But I'm sorry to have to say your are wrong. This is something that I have tested extensively since game launch. The correct answer of your original post is 1). 125 is the cap when it comes to power. There are no hidden reserves.

    Just for you I've rested on on Tribble which is ccurrently the same build as on Holodeck. To controll all variables, I dumped anything which enhanced my Power Transfer Rate. No Electo-Plasma Systems Captain skill. No RCS consoles. No bonuses due to equipment. Although I do admit a +10% bonus I can't account for ATM.

    Testing scenarior was weapon power at 100 with a bit more +25 power setting bonuses. This firmly put my Weapon Power at 125. I used 3 Mark X Phaser Beam Arrays set to autofire. Target was a True Way Galor Class ship.

    First test WP at 125. 3 Beams is (f0 (free) -10 -10 = -20 maximum weapon power drain). WP at max bottom out should be 125 - 20 = 105. Testing showed Weapon Power bottoming out at maximum of precisely 105 which is equal to the theoretical value.

    Send test was same setup as the first. Except Emergency Power to Weapons 1 (EPtW 1)is used. EPtW 1 for my character during testing yielded +16 Weapon Power for the 30 seconds. So theoretical WP is 125 + 16 = 141. So according to you my WP should never dip below 121. During testing of 3 Phasers on auto fire. My WP bottomed out at...105. That is precisely the expected value with WP at a hard cap of 125.

    Test 3 and 4 similar to test 1 and 2 except 6 Beam Arrays are used. So max power drain is 0 + 5 * -10 = -50. So weapon power should bottom out at 125 - 50 =75 w/o enhancement.

    Test 3 was no EPtW I. WP bottomed during testing at 75 which precisely matches the predicted value.

    Test 4 with EPtW 1 running +16 power. WP is theorically at 141. Theoretical bottom out of 91. Testing shows that WP bottoms out at 75. Which is precisely the what is should be with a WP hard cap of 125.

    All this testing shows is that Maximum useable and effective power for any subystem is 125. It's a hard cap which Nothing can cause it to be exceeded.
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    Thanks for the answer.

    Oddly enough, your test setup seems pretty much like mine, but with completely different results, albeit I used Borg cubes on Sector space encounters as target on GO sector, for their relatively high health pool and lack of punch so I can test throughly. And tested on Holodeck server (before yesterday patch, but I can repeat easily today with newest patch).

    This is my test setup: I have 121 base Weapon power on my Sovereign.
    I think it is distributed like this: 100 base setting + 5 for cruiser + 9.x from Weapons Performance Skill +4.x from Warp Core Potential Skill + 3.2 from a Plasma Manifold Mk XI console (using as substitute of the borg console, thus avoiding getting near the cap).
    Starship Electro Plasma Systems skill at 6, and no EPS consoles or any other EPS enhacements I'm aware of.
    First test was with Borg Set Shield, (no Weapon Power Bonus).

    Base test is 6 Antiproton Mk XI-XII beams on autofire, draining the expected 50 WP, down to 71.

    Immediately after that, after finishing one cube, I moved to another one, and repeated the test, this time using EPW1. Test consistently resulted in Weapons Power never going below the 87 threshold during 30 seconds. Repeated twice more times for the same result.

    Then I repeated the test using EPS Power Transfer Skill instead EPW1. Consistently with my previous test, power never dipped below 96, (well, I recall seeing 94 once, which is odd and I cannot explain, but it is a pretty small difference).

    Also, I double checked it, using this time Standard Issue Phaser Beam Arrays (or were they Mk1?. low damage though, so I can hold a much longer test against the cube). Same result as with Antiprotons.

    Finally, I repeated the test again, using MACO Space set shields and waiting for max power buff stack before firing beams, with Borg Console, and two Plasma Manifold consoles (power displayed was 125, theoretical value should be around 139-140).
    Popped EPW1 *and* EPS Power Transfer Skill. Weapons Power displayed still 125, but theoretically maximum power could reach up to 182 (140 + 16 + 26). Firing 6 beams resulted in the Weapons Power never moving below 125 during the test (well, I think the cube was destroyed way before the 30 seconds skills finished, though).

    I'm ignoring the Power Transfer Rate bonus of EPS Power Transfer Skill, as I'm pretty sure it does have almost no impact in the test.

    It would be very nice if a Dev poster could explain us what's going on here... :confused:
    How can our tests render such different results? I'm pretty sure I didn't make anything 'weird' during the test... pretty straightforward.


    EDIT: Fixed typos
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    edited May 2012
    Power Transfer Rate does have some impact on Weapon Power drain. I initially thought as you did. But a lot of player's insistence that PTR does matter made me actually test that assumption.

    I did a lot of testing on that issue. If a systems' power is above/below it's current maximum the power level will rise/fall at the PTR. The power transfer happens independent of Weapon Power drain mechanics.

    PTR's effect on Weapon Power during combat is greatly attenuated due WP drain being restored instantly. But PTR will seek to restore power during the energy weapons firing cycle. The results of my PTR testing showing a small but noticeable effect. My results around around +5 Weapon Power for a decent amount of PTR rough +50-60%. Anything more even, even past +600%) didn't really significantly affect the net result.

    Tesing 6-8 weapon may be more difficult to the UI lag and the display. It's not as fast or precise as I would for really good testing. I would suggest trying it with 3 weapons on auto-fire. My testing method as to have 3 beams fore and aft. And to keep my front or rear pointed at the target.

    With only 3 beams firing, the Power Display is a lot less busy. It's must easier to spot when WP bottoms out. Using only 2 beams would be best. But I found some players dismissed the results. With 6 beams firing, Spotting the bottom out point required many volleys for me to spot it, and then to verify that was truly the bottom out point. The bottom out point for 6 beams doesn't last long.
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    Thanks again for the answer. :)

    I've just tested again a few seconds ago with latest patch (live server), and skipping EPS Power Transfer skill this time so PTR does have minimum impact.

    Tested also with only 2 and 3 beams firing, so the UI can update faster.

    With same setup as my last post (Sovereign with 121 Weap. Power), first test was 2 beams, draining power to 111 as expected, 3 beams to 101.

    Using EPtW1 resulted in constant 125 power even when firing 2 beams (small spikes of 124-123, returning to 125 almost instantly), and drained only down to to 114 when firing 3 beams (116 is what I expected, but again, it's a close match, and much higher than the previous test without EPtW1).

    For me and my setup, I can confirm EPtW1 does indeed have huge impact on my power levels even when having near-cap weapon power (121 on this test, 123 on my usual STF setup).

    Using MACO Shield and stacking buff to +10 Power Levels, plus Plasma manifold/Borg set consoles (Weapon Power displayed 125, theoretical 139), resulted in no drain at all firing 2 beams (power still displayed at 125, with small drop-downs to 124), and drained down to 118 minimum firing 3 beams, (no skills activated).

    So, again, for my setup at least, seems 125 is only the absolute cap for calculating Max Weapon damage, but multiple-beam drain can indeed be mitigated by pushing power higher than this threshold.

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    edited May 2012
    Just tested again on another computer with higher technical specs (with my same account though).

    Results are a bit different this time.
    On this machine I can indeed perceive a higher drop in weapon power even when having >125 available. It usually drops in the first beam pulse to the expected minimum level considering 125 an absolute cap, but then climbs almost instantly to the levels I wrote on my previous post.

    For example:
    121 Weapon Power. Pop EPtW1 (136-137 maximum WP, 125 displayed). Fired 3 beams. Power dropped to 105 on first beam pulse, then climbed almost instantly to 115 (even before the second beam pulse). The stayed at about 115 till the three beams completed the cycle.

    Weird... :confused:

  • hereticknight085hereticknight085 Member Posts: 3,783 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Very useful guide. I am an Engineering captain, and believe me, we KNOW what power is like lol. The passive boost that cruisers give is very nice, in addition to all our engineering abilities. However I will say thank you, since you cleared up a few questions I had. I would also like to point out that the ability EPtA seems to also somewhat increase your damage output (by about 20% or so), and combined with EPtW and putting all power to weapons, you can go from 500 a shot to almost 900 with a mk XI beam array.
    It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once. B)
  • isayyoisayyo Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited August 2012
    Really informative, thanks!
  • princedimwitprincedimwit Member Posts: 230 Arc User
    edited November 2012
    Having trouble with my Starcruiser (rear admiral, lower). It's so big and doesn't turn very well. I'm a little peeved that my dual polaron cannons wouldn't equip.

    It's weird in enemy encounters, I can really kick some butt but in a mission, I can barely hold my own.

    Any recommendations as to upgrades I can get in terms or consoles, weapons or engines?
  • coffeemikecoffeemike Member Posts: 942 Arc User
    edited February 2013
    Will a future version have the Adapted MACO space set (The Fed version of the space Klingon Honor Guard set) as I fly with it on the Vesta Class and the engines add +3.8 weapons, shields, and aux power.

    Thanks and nice Excel file!
  • gchiodaygchioday Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    A very detailed , helpful READ..thank you for posting.
  • gchiodaygchioday Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    coffeemike wrote: »
    Will a future version have the Adapted MACO space set (The Fed version of the space Klingon Honor Guard set) as I fly with it on the Vesta Class and the engines add +3.8 weapons, shields, and aux power.

    Thanks and nice Excel file!

    I am having a similiar prob..with the slow Turning of vessel. If you have any tips on improving, I would greatly appreciate it. CHEERS
  • gchiodaygchioday Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    I am having a similiar prob..with the slow Turning of vessel. If you have any tips on improving, I would greatly appreciate it. CHEERS[/QUOTE]
  • ztstrikeztstrike Member Posts: 66 Arc User
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    Very informative...
    -ZT Strike
    sapyroth wrote: »
    "Come play STO free-to-pay! Lag'yer TRIBBLE off and get a migrane!! Yeehaa!":eek:
  • captaincouttscaptaincoutts Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    Wow thanks so much! This is very helpful!
  • dhamahrdhamahr Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    I am a new player and I was looking thru the posts and was trying to figure out what was the best weapon and skill build for my ship and Tactical Officer. I am looking for max damage output.
  • namies77namies77 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited August 2013
    Awesome guide! I am a 42nd level Rear Admiral, and I never learned how important power levels were. This will be a huge help for me in my Federation and Klingon campaigns.
  • dmetrikepidmetrikepi Member Posts: 20 Arc User
    edited September 2013
    Thanks for the guide.

    Question for anyone... I'm using an assault cruiser with 4 beam arrays (including the Mark XII Romulan beam array that doesn't leech power when i fire in tandem and 2 Mark XII plasma beam arrays from the rep store), so would it be better to use AUX2BAT or AUX2GUN as engineering powers, assuming the rest are nonnegotiable?
  • jadensecurajadensecura Member Posts: 660 Arc User
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    dmetrikepi wrote: »
    so would it be better to use AUX2BAT or AUX2GUN as engineering powers, assuming the rest are nonnegotiable?

    Um, I have no idea what "AUX2GUN" is supposed to be. There's a list of the abilities here, maybe you could post a link to which one you meant? But really, it's all about how the abilities in your build synergize with each other, there are abilities that are superb in one build but a terrible choice for another, for example, Auxiliary to Structural is a superb heal, but it can't be used effectively in a build designed to chain Auxiliary to Battery with Technician doffs because of cooldown conflicts.

    Or, actually, it is standard practice to start your own thread for build help, which you might want to do, since it is rather off topic here.
  • emmer955emmer955 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited September 2013
    Thanks alot for the info ; just starting to get familiair with this awsome game......:)
    Lets see what this is all about.
  • emmer955emmer955 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited September 2013
  • grendelthewise#0990 grendelthewise Member Posts: 583 Arc User
    edited October 2013
    Great info and it helped me considerably. Thanks.
    Fleet Admiral of the U.S.S. ATTILA KHAN-CDA (NX-921911).
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    Can my friend board my ship and then can I Taxi him to planets, quests etc? Can other people sit in your officer slots? Can a ship be used as a multiplayer mount to go places?
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