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New ideas for the event T6 lockbox unlock

corerunner#1772 corerunner Member Posts: 119 Arc User
Hey I am wondering could there be a change to the T6 event ship unlock from the event campaign to allow people to account unlock the ships instead of just unlocking for one character? As it would incentivise the choosing of it to the lobi or the rapidly useless T6 coupon for zen store.
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    echattyechatty Member Posts: 5,914 Arc User
    edited March 2023
    I very much doubt that will happen. Only way to account-unlock a lockbox or lobi ship is if it's put in Mudd's as part of a bundle
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    rattler2rattler2 Member, Star Trek Online Moderator Posts: 58,129 Community Moderator
    echatty wrote: »
    I very much doubt that will happen. Only way to account-unlock a lockbox or lobi ship is if it's put in Mudd's as part of a bundle

    Not ENTIRELY accurate. We also have the Mirror Strike Wing Escort, Mirror Crossfield, and Styx currently able to be accout unlockable via the 12th and 13th Anniversary bundles.
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    baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 10,430 Community Moderator
    Not exactly a "new" idea. People are always asking for ways to have Lockbox and Lobi ships account unlocked. It's doubtful this will happen for the Event Campaign as they've established Mudd's and the occasional C-Store bundle to sell some previous Lockbox and Lobi ships.
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    darkbladejkdarkbladejk Member Posts: 3,732 Community Moderator
    While I'm not going to complain if Cryptic did want to give us account the chance to pick up an account wide version of a ship through the campaigns because, yes please, I don't believe people often realize what this would mean for other areas of the game. By no means am I saying I wouldn't want to see some account wide unlocks for certain things, because again yes please. What I'm saying is that if they're going to start offering those account wide unlocks outside of Mudds or special bundles, this means they would have to make that revenue stream up somewhere else somehow.

    Usually when I point this out people often point to the SWTOR account unlocks from the Cartel Market. I'm a closed beta founder with SWTOR, and while to some extents the comparison is valid, believe me when I say you don't want that kind of model coming to STO. STO is one of the only true F2P games out there. Everything I have now as a lifetime account, someone else can have too who joins tomorrow if they put in the grind, minus the lifetime ships. SWTOR's cartel market was designed with account unlocks in mind from the start where as outside of the cstore, STO was not. SWTOR allows you to purchase an item such as a rifle for say 1500 coins/zen, and then unlock it account wide for an additional 400 coins lets say (actual cost varies). So for our hypothetical rifle that's 1900 coins to get it and then unlock it account wide.

    While that may seem good, SWTOR also nickels and dimes in other areas to make up for this. If you're not a subscribed player you're limited to 1m credits you can have in your person before you need to use escrow unlocks to access the rest of the credits. Certain items can cost multiple millions from vendors, and some cosmetic items BILLIONS of credits on the secondary market. Not only this but if you wanted to use purple quality artifact equipment, the equivalent of STO very rare or ultra rare, you would need to purchase an account unlock for it. To access the Star Fox style space missions, Raids, and certain other items, you need recurring passes that you have to buy each week. If you want to display your legacy title (think something like @handle but more a surname), display titles, unlock a 3rd profession slot, or certain other things, you need to buy the unlocks. I totaled it up once and you could spend around $250 if I remember right on single unlocks, plus an additional $60 a week to have access to everything through passes and the like, or just cough up $15 bucks to sub and not worry about it.

    Assuming Cryptic were to give us account wide unlocks, they would need other ways to offset the income lost so they're not having to pull a SWTOR with nickel and diming. While I love SWTOR as a game, I much prefer STO's model to SWTOR on the cash shop side of things.
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    fleetcaptain5#1134 fleetcaptain5 Member Posts: 4,895 Arc User
    T6 coupons for the C-store are never useless, unless you've unlocked literally every ship in the store.

    And no, ships obtained for free shouldn't be made account unlocks. That would devalue the regular box ships too much and would almost certainly mean a large loss of income for Cryptic.
    valoreah wrote: »
    Add an item/service to the Zen store for 10,000 to 20,000 Zen to convert a Lobi ship to an account unlock.

    This, on the other hand, is a very good idea even though I think the price should be a bit lower. For players who have collected many of the box ships over the years, Mudd's not really a good solution because you have to buy the same ship again.

    There should be an incentive to keep unlocking ships on a single character.
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    corerunner#1772 corerunner Member Posts: 119 Arc User
    well I was meaning for ships that are from older events that the event campaign like the Atlas, thrai and d9. ships that are from way older lockbox ships that don't necessarily have ships that can be themed together into bundles for C Store or Mudd.
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